Spawn Project #1 ~ Empty Version

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avatar ElliotGames
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This is apart of a 3 part upload:
Upload 1 - This will be just the empty building alone (Uploaded)
Upload 2 - This will be just the main building but will have the insides filled to suit the theme of the spawn (Uploaded)
Upload 3 - This will be the whole spawn including the town, shops and portals (Waiting to upload)

Theme - The theme for this project is a survival lost town, so there will be dirt inside, it will be rustic, you can always be exploring new parts to the town. Its designed for a non pvp minecraft server but in the future I intend to create add ons that you can add to your minecraft server to alter the idea slightly. If you have any ideas for the next map and what kind of server it should be for, feel free to leave a comment!

~ Ellmoto
Progress100% complete
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