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Speedrun Mayhem: Minigame Map Project (WIP)

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Speedrun Mayhem

What is it?
Four teams will be competing in their own little slice of Minecraft to beat the game as fast as possible!
The terrain will have everything required to beat Minecraft and all four teams will have their own separate nethers and ends to work with as well. In addition, we have custom modifiers and separate game modes for everyone to mess around with if they so choose. Finally, the map will feature 7 custom maps for players to explore and beat Minecraft in. Each map will come with its own advantages, disadvantages, and themes.

Game Maps

The most box standard map! A default Minecraft Plains Biome with a river, ravines, grass, ruins, trees, etc. The underground consists of a large mineshaft and branching caves. The nether and end are also mostly vanilla as well.

The map will feature a lot of jungle fauna and a lake in the center with various structures. The caves will be lush with greenery and will have three separate paths to choose from. The nether will be made up of crimson forest with patches of normal nether. The end will be a bit amplified with a jungle of bedrock and obsidian trees!

This map will feature snow as far as the eye can see with random ice structures and a small campsite. Its underground is an impressive icy cavern with archaeological sites and camps. The nether in this map will be a modified basalt delta with nether structures and bridges. Finally, the end would appear barren, with veins of obsidian and the towers crumbling.

The overworld features a terrain you would see in the nether, while the nether features terrain you would see in the overworld. The nether portal will be located at the top of the “overworld” and the end portal will be located at the bottom of the “nether.” The most important resources will be found in the “nether” while most nether materials will be found in the “overworld.” Finally, the end features random blocks, messed-up towers, and random holes with obsidian webs.

A fantasy-based terrain. With unique fauna, underwater caves/spikes, pathways, rock formations, waterfalls, campfires, etc. However, the nether will have a large tower that the player would need to climb and this tower will have different things on each floor. The end would be a shattered world, with the islands broken apart and being held by chains. It would be a dark dimension, with a massive alchemical symbol in the sky, the obsidian towers will “connect” to the symbol in the sky.

A steampunk-based terrain. Will have machines, train tracks, mining, a ravine, etc. The nether would be a dark twisted factory in a crimson forest while the end is a broken system. The end portal will be locked behind a Redstone puzzle in a vault-like area.

Your average swashbuckling theme with ships, docks, ports, islands, lighthouses, buried treasure, etc. The nether will resemble a large blue island with a crashed ship and obsidian spikes escaping the lava. The end would be a ship town graveyard, with sunken ships everywhere that form a town. The fight itself could take place on crashed ships and jagged rocks that’ll build out from the ship, this map would be mostly vertical.

Game Modifiers
The map will include several modifiers that can be toggled On/Off to give the players more control over their experience!

> Almost pacifist (can only directly damage blazes, enderman, and ender dragon)
> UHC Mode (no natural regen, apples are required to regen)
> Aggressive animals (always zombie jockeys)
> Perma Saturation, haste, or keep inventory.
> Only One Hit-Point
> Legacy Style PvP

Game Modes
The map will include a few separate game modes along with the default speedrun mode.

Quick Speed (everything is faster!!!)

This game mode essentially speeds up the process of beating Minecraft. For example, an enderman can drop way more pearls per kill, ores drop double the loot, all players have haste II, ender dragon spawns with no crystals, ores drop smelted, etc.

Random Tasks (completing random tasks the fastest)
It works just like it sounds, just complete the 5-10 random tasks we throw at you. Oh, but the map is still a speedrun map, to beat these tasks before the other team! It can be anything like crafting a diamond shovel or collecting 64 blocks of cobblestone to respawning the enderdragon; the possibilities are endless!

Oooooh boy, you better be good at defending yourself for this one. In this game mode, normal mob spawning will be off but zombies will spawn periodically around the map and they will be unkillable by normal methods, but you will be able to trap them! This game mode will really keep you on your toes.

How you can help us!
We really need as much feedback as we can get. So please help us get the word out.
Leave a Diamond to further this project's development!
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Progress85% complete

9 Update Logs

Update #9: 6/22/22 : by craftdiamonds 06/22/2022 3:14:25 amJun 22nd

I am pleased to say that the map development is going extremely well! As it stands we only have 1 overworld and 2 end maps to build. Therefore, it is likely the map will be ready for testing sometime this Summer.

Furthermore, all ForumJelly updates will be made here on discord, Planet Minecraft, and the Hypixel thread from now on. My website, https://craftdiamonds.net/ will become a site mostly about me and shift to be more portfolio oriented. ForumJelly maps will be continuing on the site under its own tab, but updates will not be posted there. Eventually, this will all be reevaluated but this is the current plan.

Overworld Maps: 6/7
Nether Maps: 7/7
End Maps: 5/7

Map Completion: 85%
o Fantasy Nether has been completed
o Steampunk Nether has been completed
o Inverse End has been completed
o Jungle End has been redone
o Snowy has been renamed to Tundra
o All gamemodes have been completed
o All modifiers have been completed
o Winning/Losing zone has been completed
o Most hidden chests will now randomize their loot drops
o Rarely, Zombies will spawn that'll drop ender pearls
o Endermen are guaranteed to drop pearls
o Ender Dragon fight had to be adjusted due to Minecrafts limitations
o Food was a problem during trial testing, this has been fixed
o Main lobby was updated
o Images have been updated
o All maps have undergone tweaking
- Fixing any underground "air" bubbles
- Fixing any awkward terrain problems (other than the normal Minecraft ones, like water in caves)
- Adding an end portal to Pirates because I forgot
- Added various easter eggs
- Added animal pens and farms to a few of the maps
- Fixed any extraneous underground ice in Tundra
- Made Inverse a little easier
- Redid light house in Pirates
- Added buried treasure in Pirates
- Decorated the ship in Pirates
- Grew the crops in Fantasy
- Added various structures to all maps

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06/26/2022 5:17 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
NewMagoESP avatar
i want play this now
07/01/2022 5:34 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Pixel Puncher
craftdiamonds avatar
It will be ready to play sometime this summer :)
10/05/2021 7:31 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
NewMagoESP avatar
em you can release a demo i am waiting for much time you can release a demo pls =)
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