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Spleef Custom + (SECOND BETA)

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Jubean avatar Jubean
Level 40 : Master Pixel Painter
Spleef, probably the most iconic minigame in Minecraft history! Spleef is a minigame where you and your friends a situated on a platform over lava, and you have to destroy the platform under each other's feet, causing everyone else to fall into the lava and you to be the LAST ONE STANDING!

"Spleef Custom +" aims to add an expansive amount of customization to this epic minigame and make it easier than ever to load up and play instantly with friends! "Spleef Custom +" Adds multiple gamemodes, for a diverse and variated playing style of the spleef formula. You have the ability to customise how many layers of platforms there are, and whether they are large or small! For those who get bored in between rounds we have a small parkour course to play and attempt to win while you wait for your friends to finish their round!

"Spleef Custom +" can also be setup to run completely automatically, with features like auto-start round and randomised gamemodes, so you can rest assured without having to teach players how to run their own rounds. On the flip side, you can leave the settings open for public interaction, so your players can completely customise the round to their liking, and do so perfectly safely, as all risky settings are stored in the admin only area. The admins also have the ability to disable entire categories of settings, so players don't mess up your perfect combinations!

"Spleef Custom +" also has the ability to support an unlimited amount of players, for those inviting their ENTIRE friend group to play, although, the rounds could get a little chaotic with THAT MANY people on lol.

Also if you would like a more direct way to contact me, or to just chill with some other people, please feel welcome to join my NEW discord server: discord.gg/YETUup9QAd

(This project in it's current form is in a public beta. This iteration of the map may contain numerous bugs. If you find any please report them in the comment section of this post and I'll gladly make a patch. I'd love all forms of feedback, I love the compliments, and feel free to share any criticisms or ideas for new features in the comments down below: I'd absolutely love to hear them!)

(This map is my first ever publicly released map! Please, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please comment them below, as I would love to improve and be able to make more and better maps in the future. This project has been a whole lot of fun and a great learning journey to build in the past 6 months and would love to continue this idea of map making in between all my usual shenanigans! xD .....So yeah, please, if you have any feedback, good or bad, let me know, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks!)
CreditThanks to Alex_the_PRO for consistently turning up whenever I nagged him into helping bug-test with me!
Progress85% complete

1 Update Logs

Beta 1.1 (Second Beta) : by Jubean 05/20/2022 9:17:00 pmMay 20th, 2022


+Added lime and magenta platforms

+Added ability to customise each platform's size individually


-Players now get spawned at random locations of the starting platform at the start of round instead of all at one place

-Removed the platform borders option for small platform sizes

-Renamed "Platform Borders" to "Full Large Platforms"

-The yellow platform has been moved down one block and the red platform down two blocks to make room for the new platforms

-Started work on new "Nerd Info" walkway adjacent to the tutorial walkway, (not actually accessible yet)


-Fixed Bug where the item would be deleted out of your inventory constantly during the starting seconds of each round

-Made the armour stand in the party room visible again

-Made "Opt-Out" button disappear instantly at the start of the starting sequence, preventing players from pushing it after the sequence has been primed, causing numerous bugs regarding player detection.

-Set the default option for "Include Sumo In Randomised" back to false.

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