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Level 33 : Artisan Crafter
Hey guys! I made a bunch of Springfield locations and threw them together to make this cool little Simpsons map!

The placement of the buildings isn't very accurate, this is basically like if someone made a Simpsons: Tapped Out! map on Minecraft lol...
(I actually hate this map for this reason, but im uploading it as i feel some of you may enjoy it!)
I've included a video with a complete tour of this map, some photos, and a download file link for you guys (in a .MCWORLD format).
This isn't finished, i got bored of it and kinda just stopped making it to be honest. Ignore the random road and sewer parts that are just off of the main map. (I had another random map joined to this but deleted it to make it purely a Springfield map).

Here's a list of Simpsons locations i have included in the map:

The Simpsons house. (Inc. Barts treehouse)
The Flanders house. (Inc. Neds bar, Beatles room & panic room, & Bomb shelter)
The Brown house.
The Kwik - E - Mart. (Inc. Jasper)
Moe's Tavern.
Krusty Burger.
King Toots. (*Unfinished/No interior)
The Hotel. (*Unfinished/No interior)
The Aztec Theater. (*Unfinished/No interior)
The Androids Dungeon.
Skip's DIner.
Jake's Unisex Hair Salon.
The Springfield Monorail.
Springfield Elementary.
Springfield Retirement Castle. (*Unfinished/No interior)
Springfield Powerplant. (Inc. Mr Burns office & Homers Room)
'Donuts' donut shop.
The Police Station.
The Die/Diet Sign.
The First Church Of Springfield.
Noiseland Arcade.
Otto's Schoolbus.
The ToMacco Stand/crop.

I hope you guys like this one!
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