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ISS - International Space Station

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Bedrock Edition
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Hey guys, i was bored and spontaneously built the ISS. This is part of a personal map i've been building, which has alot of other cool places to explore, including Springfield (The SImpsons), The 2006 Australian Big Brother house, a Pokemon block w/ a Pokemon center, Poke Mart, and a giant pixel art Charizard hotel tower, recreation of my house/street, Shreks swamp, the TMNT house/sewer, and lots more. (hence the tags)

I built the ISS in under 24 hours! probs my quickest build yet. I made the interior look as legit as i could, but the layout isnt 100% accurate. But it turned out pretty epic. I added some villagers to make it feel occupied, and there are plenty of shulkers with essential items. I added potions of slow falling aswell, as it kinda emulates the zero gravity in space. I have included a video, pics and a MCWORLD download link!

Enjoy! and leave me a comment!

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2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by ROBSIDIAN 06/16/2022 10:01:10 pmJun 16th, 2022

I have done a bit more fine tuning on this build, so if you have already downloaded it, be sure to re download it for a better ISS!

I ave replaced the 1:30 slow falling potions with the 4:00 ones. I have also added ladders and signs on the truss section, so that you can climb and explore more of the outside/spacewalk area.
I also realised that i forgot to change the chunk draw distance. I have it set on 16 blocks now, which removes the view of the ground below, creating a more realistic space effect/atmosphere.
Also, one of the solar arrays was 1 block too thin, so i have fixed this.

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