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MS Angelia V1.8

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Mario+Luigi3 avatar Mario+Luigi3
Level 25 : Expert Architect
This is the second in my very own trio of ships. This ship was previously the SS Bella 2, but I decided to rename it, revert an old design, and add it to a trio of ships. The MS Angelia is visually similar to the MS Alexandria, with her main differences being that, unlike her sister, her A Deck promenade has been halved in favor of private promenades and an expanded main restaurant with marvelous ocean views.

Here are some characteristics of the ship:
(Keep in mind that a block in Minecraft is roughly one meter in real life)

Length (From bow to stern): 573 blocks -> 573 meters -> 1,879.92 feet
Width (From port to starboard): 58 blocks -> 58 meters -> 190.29 feet
Height (From waterline): 64 blocks -> 64 meters -> 209.97 feet
Height (From keel to top of funnels): 80 blocks -> 80 meters -> 262.47 feet
Draft (The depth of the ship below the water): 16 blocks -> 16 meters -> 52.49 feet

This build uses the following texture pack. You can get it from the creator's page below.
I recommend you download his 128x 3D models texture pack in addition to the 128x texture pack.

Once you have both texture packs, move them to the right side of the screen in this order:

Flows HD (3D 1.13) 128x.zip
Flows HD (1.14) 128x.zip

You can ignore the warnings about them being outdated. After that, you should be able to see the textures you see in the images! If you’re wondering how I got the shaders, I first installed Optifine and then downloaded Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders. You can find instructions on how to download them on their websites.

Please note I don’t take any credit for these texture packs. They just look the absolute best for my builds!
Progress90% complete

12 Update Logs

Update #12 - V1.8 : 02/06/2021 5:11:52 pmFeb 6th

What's changed?
  • Added back the funnels that this ship used to have. I like its uniqueness. The first three act as gallery towers, and the last two release steam and smoke.
  • New name!
  • Changed the design of the rear cafes on C Deck.
  • Other smaller changes that I can't quite remember. Sorry!

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11/07/2015 10:15 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
Titanic101 avatar
Hey I was wondering if you could help us with a 4/1 scale ship out team is called OceanLinersReborn and I also wanted to know if you have skype and what is it
08/17/2015 4:09 am
Level 38 : Artisan Sailor
ABshipbuilder avatar
even the water pump is stronger its just limited and great work btw
08/18/2015 4:53 pm
Level 25 : Expert Architect
Mario+Luigi3 avatar
Thank you very much!
02/11/2015 5:28 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant avatar
Very impressive work so far!  Can't wait to see it when it's finished!
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