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SS Naiden Gerov 1911

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this is the SS Naiden Gerov, named after Naiden Gerov (1823-1900), who was a Bulgarian linguist, folklorist, writer and public figure during the Bulgarian National Revival.

The ship is the result of an attempt to place ''luxury above speed'' on a severely outdated platform. Having no experience in that regard, the Bulgarian Line decided to redesign the ship while in construction, before any bigger liner of the ''luxury above speed'' mentality was attempted. That's how the originally planned copy of the older SS Konstantin Velichkov ended up a far more modern ship. Among the new features were updated and/or enlarged 1st class spaces, and a pool.

The ship is 241m long, the largest and longest of the entire Bulgarian Big Four, also the fastest, being actually able to break 17 knots. During WW1, she was, just like its three elder sisters, unused during WW1. Later, after the war, she initially served as a liner for the less wealthy, along with her four sisters. In 1932, she was rebuilt into an experimental cruise ship, serving that role until 1938 when the largest Bulgarian liners were scrapped except for two. At that point, being a cruise ship and naturally having modern interiors, she was recalled to the primary lines as a running mate. Mounting technical problems forced her out of the role in early 1939 and she was sold for scrap. She sank in the Indian Ocean on the way to breakers in Japan, July 3, 1939.

Special thanks to Safty for rendering this ship!

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