DSRC-SN03 "Stingray"

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'In 2055 the experimental testbed DSRC-SN01 "Thresher" was launched using a ground breaking new atomic motor that was set to revolutionise Submarine design. Its sister craft, DSRC-SN02 was destroyed in an mysterious accident in dry dock. With the alarming growth of Bezernik power and the increasing number of mysterious disturbances at sea, the design was overhauled to a much faster more powerful craft, and work began on the DSRC-SN03 "Stingray".' ~Chrisofedf

Stingray is a high speed security submarine built with the purpose of defending mankind from any evil sailing on, or originating from, the ocean. Faster and more agile than any other craft capable of traversing the depths, and armed with a powerful array of sting missiles, it packs a deadly punch to anyone seeking to bring harm to this world from below the waves.

Dimensions: 75L x 31W x 19H
Max. surface speed: 400 knots (460 mph)
Max. submerged speed: 600 knots (690 mph)
Max. operating depth: 40,000 feet
Power source: Water-cooled fusion reactor
Range: Unlimited

Terms of use:

- You may rebuild on a server if you credit me appropriately.

- You may showcase the build in a Youtube video, if you credit me and include the links below.

- You may use the build in animations, if you credit me and include the links below.

- You may not re-upload this build elsewhere.

- You may not claim credit for this build.

Credit links:

- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3GzV7V5K5b6oUzR2TVQVw
- PlanetMinecraft: [url=www.planetminecraft.com/member/eightbits_/


[/url]Any other questions? Drop me a PM.

I wanted to work on something not-technically Thunderbirds for a little while. Enjoy!
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