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This is one of my completed pixelart paintings done using ArtMap, on Planar Shift: Skyblock. It's made using individual maps, which are 32x32 pixels, and you place them like you would normal game maps. It's 2 maps x 2 maps. Each one is painted separately, because combining maps isn't a thing for ArtMap, right now.

I labeled this painting "Summer's Rest" since it had a kind-of autumn theme. It's one of my favourite landscapes, because it's smaller, and fits decently in most small builds. It doesn't have a "frame", which is something I normally do, but not for this one.

I love painting, and I wanted to upload a video of me painting, but I've been too busy, so just still-pics, this time. I did manage to get a showcase of painting done, though! Videos take SO much time!

Hopefully, I don't regret sharing these. I would give a "download" link but it doesn't work that way. You could always try ArtMap yourself, though, or come paint, and show me your skills! :D
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