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This is my first large-scale survival project. I am constructing a mountain base on my cousin's survival server, and I thought I might as well share some updates about it on here. The peak of the mountain is at y=236. I have not measured the diameter. I will most likely post an update every weekend, or every other weekend. Do not use this content or claim it as your own!!! Do not post/share it without giving credit to me.
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Update #3 - Beginning the Interior! : 10/24/2020 10:49:55 pmOct 24th

So, I have decided to begin working on the interior of the base. for this reason, the completion status has been dropped, to include the Interior progress. I have very little progress on the exterior, as I have grown tired of working on it for the time being. I have made an entrance into the mountain, at the foot of it. There is a bit of a hallway that leads to the main chamber, and from there, there is a tunnel that will lead off into the Food Farm area. The second tunnel leads to the first corridor. From there, you pass the Sugarcane farm (which is always on). Continuing, you pass a 10-furnace super smelter, with the furnaces having the option to be hidden or showing. After passing the smelter, you come up to a four-way intersection. To the left, there will be a corridor leading to the back side and upper part of the mountain. Straight, there will be a stables room. To the right, there is a finished cavern, which will house a Tree Farm and possibly other farms.

The Interior is mostly lit by torches, but the entrance and first cavern have lanterns and chains. I do not know what I am going to do with all of the space in the mountain, and it will take a large amount of stone to build all the caves- I'm assuming it'll take more stone than the exterior of the mountain itself. I am on the verge of running out of stone, so I will have to begin mining in my quarry again.
Also, new shaders! I'm now using Chocapic13's Shaders, as they are less intense in terms of sun rays, and they also work nicely with the feel of the caves.

09/06/2020 1:06 am
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Very cool man. Looking forward to more updates!
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