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The aether challenge [abandoned]


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Level 29 : Expert Architect
I abandoned this mod, and this challenge, because, the creators of the aether mod refuse to update anything, and it has been several months already. Gvien that long, even the doctor who mod should atleast been completed another 5%, much less, the aether, updated, and fixed to where all could use it.

A few weeks ago, I developed a cool achievement system that would make working in the aether more fun. Now, aether definitely is a mod, and I have played it before, but as of a race me and my little bro were having, it was a challenge to see who could get all the challenges provided, done first. Now, not only was the aether mod hard to find, in terms of entering it into the minecraft.jar file, I have found two working versions. I'm about to try another version, aether 1.7.3 V1.02. If I can't get it to run with that version, I can still work with an easier to use, older version, and a very buggy newer version. Either way, it will work.

And so, as promised, Cahllenges:

A.) Get the aether mod working (not part of the percentage)

1.) go to the nether

2.) get glowstone and build an aether portal in the Middle Plains (AKA the Over World)

3.) get a bunny.

4.) make a 2x2x2 block made from the dungeon block from every dungeon boss you defeat, block type respectfully to the dungeon.

<1/3 complete> 5.) beat one of every dungeon (all three)

<1/4 complete> 6.) Get a complete set of every aether armor type (zanite, gravitite, phoenix, neptune, Obsidian)

7.) get one of every type of aether tool (skyroot, holystone, zanite, gravitite)

<1/3 complete> 8.) get one of every type of moa (blue, white, black)

9.) capture a cockatrice

10.) make or find all three types of darts, and dart shooters (regular, poison, enchanted)

11.) get every possible weapon in the aether, including the candy sword.

12.) build a house inside of a "hollow" island with dungeon blocks, or mine out a huge, solid island and replace every wall of holystone, aether soil, and ores, with dungeon blocks. (can also be made of just skywood)

13.) build an enchanter, incubator, and freezer.

14.) mine out an entire dungeon of each type.

15.) set aside a chest, or two (or three, or four), for every dungeon key you gain. Place them in order of completion if possible.

Additional Notes

If the game becomes corrupt, don't start anew, for the night day cycle makes it harder and therefore, more fun. Though, this rarely happens. If it is corrupt, it is still playable.

I advise building the aether portal five blocks within spawn, or directly on spawn. A compass works in the aether just like it does the Middle plains.

I call the over world, the middle plains, because it's between the aether, heaven, and the nether, hell.

You can get any of these items from the aether, from the chests in dungeons. It isn't cheating if you find zanite armor, moa eggs, or dart shooters and darts in dungeon chests.

The reason why getting the aether mod to work is an achievement, is because it was hard getting it to work for me.

I may add challenges later on involving other things, but for now, thats all I can think of.

Yes, I am doing this with a mod, and if you want to just play the aether, message me and I'll give some links. Any questions, put them in the comments section. if you want to take this challenge, then go ahead, be my guest.

The actual, real project here would be making the house. And with my habits, it will not just be a house on the inside of an island.

If you want to take this challenge, the house does not need to be made inside of an island, you can make it on the island.

Beds do not work. Or atleast that I have seen.
Progress: 25% Complete

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  • hazza909
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  • July 27, 2012, 12:53 pm
  • Daneitoa
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  • July 27, 2012, 9:35 pm
Can't continue it till they get singleplayer fixed first, though.

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