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The Battle of Castle Itter

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Level 46 : Master Necromancer
The Battle of Castle Itter

It is 1945, 5 days after Hitler committed suicide. American forces have captured Castle Itter in an attempt to rescue VIP French prisoners, some Wehrmacht troops that surrendered earlier to the American's and have joined forces with them to help them with the rescue attempt. Waffen-SS troops are preparing to attack the castle and take it off American hand, the American's are outgunned and out manned, can they last long enough for reinforcements to arrive?

Hello everyone, I made this map with the help of Kiwi & Richardo a while back and have finally put in the time to upload it to PMC for your use. This map is based on the real life battle of Castle Itter in World War 2, though the map isn't completely accurate due to me not having many sources to work with for the map, I used what I could. If you want to use this map in a public place just dm me in Discord (dectec#4252) or private message me here.

Kiwi: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/imjustkiwi/
CreditRichardo99110#4623 & kiwi#5050
Progress100% complete

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12/16/2019 11:04 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Sailor
Seames39 avatar
I had a feeling you'd post this XD
12/16/2019 12:27 pm
Level 46 : Master Necromancer
[-Dectec-] avatar
I mean it is one of my personal favourite maps that I've worked on x3
12/16/2019 5:54 am
Level 29 : Expert uwu
ImJustKiwi avatar
Best map
12/16/2019 6:05 am
Level 46 : Master Necromancer
[-Dectec-] avatar
bestestested map
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