The city of Boarington, capital of the Western Empire

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The city of Boarington: lore
The city of Boarington was founded thousands of years ago, by house Boar, when they built a keep on a small section of coast at a nearby lake. After a while a group of monks came to a small hill nearby, founding the first temple of trinity, and asked lord Boar for protection, which he accepted, knowing that he would become a mighty house, and a village was founded. After a few hundred years, the village had now grown to be the largest city in the world, with around 100.000 people living within its walls. It was then that the lord of boarington was crowned king, and begun to grow its empire. the lake was perfect for trading, as a large river connected it with the nearby rocky coast, and provided a perfect shelter for storms. The city had reached its first golden age, but it did not last long. A dragon came, attracted to the many riches the city had, and burned many buildings to the ground. A mysterious figure killed the dragon, believed by many to be a reincarnation of the god of light. The city then became a haven of religious activity, with many temples and shrines. the city was rebuilt, its walls repaired with the scorched stone of the remains of the city. The city now grew larger then ever before, spanning almost the entire plains, from the lake to the swampland around it. Now the city is the true capital of the western Empire and the mightiest city in the world.


this city is part of my ongoing fantasy world project, the (very much outdated) project page of that can be seen in my submissions, if you want to see some other work.
as you can see, the city is not yet finished. It is an ongoing project of mine, which I have been working on for over a year now(on and off, which explains the progress) and will have full interiors, many secrets and easter eggs, and lots of stuff to explore. I will update this page when I have more progress to post, and when fully(or with significant progress) finished, I will share a download.

Resource pack: A little taste of Vasten
Inspiration: Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls, Witcher, and lots of stuff I found on the internet.
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