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The Dwarven Kingdom, Drakeholdholm

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Sven_Smorgasborg avatar Sven_Smorgasborg
Level 37 : Artisan Procrastinator
Of the four dragons that bind Aurin's magic together, the dragon of fire, Baelstrom has been imprisoned within the deepest dungeons of House Draken for 500 years. A great hero of the Aurish and the ancestor of House Draken was Dreki the first Drakewarden. Dreki supposedly used Baelstrom's own fire to forge a chain that bound the dragon, and with his mighty hammer he smashed a hole in a mountain to imprison the fire-worm. Around the prison a city thrived. The caverns that Dreki's hammer smashed into the mountain became mess halls, storerooms, armories, mines, and passages. Dreki's descendants called themselves Drakewardens and ruled over Drakeholdholm, then the seat of power to House Draken. House Draken gained great swathes of land in their realm and thrived. But when the God-King of the Aurith Empire amassed power in Aurin, he conquered the Southern region of the Drakenlands, Ravenrun.

The Continent of Aurin (where you can find the build)

To buy the map (the whole adventure map, see previous link)
19.99 USD

I would really like to credit Boenndal, I took a lot of inspiration from him for the main gate of the build, I understand that I am selling this however it is part of a much greater map and please subscribe to him and appreciate his work!

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02/23/2023 7:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Rvs Lizat
Rvs Lizat avatar
I purchased your map before, can I enjoy this update
02/09/2023 7:10 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Dragonborn
Fonta avatar
nice mix between nordic style from skyrim and dwarf
02/08/2023 7:18 pmhistory
Level 33 : Artisan Geek
MizukumaMC avatar
Hey that's cool bro and you should be rewarded monetarily! I would suggest you to monetize it with ads on your website and you deserve a high revenue❤❤❤. If i got a money i would slap my credit card on your face 💳💥💳💥!
02/08/2023 8:18 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Procrastinator
Sven_Smorgasborg avatar
Thank you, the money I get from selling it is enough. Its only a hobby I don't expect a ton of money from it.
02/07/2023 3:40 pm
Level 44 : Master Princess
Arianwyn avatar
Incredible ! I love the work !

Somehow it reminds me of Erebor, the legendary city of Dwarves in The Lord Of The Rings.
02/07/2023 1:53 pm
Level 46 : Master Dwarf
Boenndal avatar
Thank you for crediting me! I really, truly appreciate it. It looks very well made. Quite impressive to somewhat rebuild it by just using screenshots, must have been a lot of block-counting.
02/07/2023 4:55 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Procrastinator
Sven_Smorgasborg avatar
Thank you so much for understanding, I love your work. This really started as a fascination with your maps and then I built on it, and incorporated my love of Skyrim.
02/07/2023 4:13 amhistory
Level 28 : Expert Miner
L3GIT349 avatar
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