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The Flying Spaghetti Monster - Pastafarianism

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It's his Holy Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, blessing a flying Pirate ship. Enter the world and be touched by his noodly appendage.

This a manifestation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in his simplest form, cubes. As Minecraft has the ability to create images of spaghetti and pirates, obviously the FSM approves of the game and encourages us to play it. Of course, with the inclusion of wearing an eye-patch during gameplay.

This subject has the potential to start flame wars, so I am turning off comments. If you want to yell at me, you're welcome to do so in a PM.
However, remember that this is a clever sattire and generally, a joke. It does depend on your view on things, but it's not be taken too seriously.

I simply had a great deal of fun creating this and it tested my large-scale building methods as well as ship building (never done it before).

Someone also mentioned that they wished they could use this save. You are welcome to take it and use it wherever. It's free to the Pastafarian and Minecraft community.

CreditBobby Henderson
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