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The Hanging Gardens with piston-powered water feature

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bohtauri's Avatar bohtauri
Level 82 : Elite Architect
A handbuilt structure inspired by a documentary I saw a while ago. Took me 3 days (12.5 workhours) to complete

If you stand on the ground and look up at night, you cannot directly see any light source, everything lit up front a backlight.

There is 2 reboot buttons so you don't have to use the access shaft to go up and reset the redstone pluse.

I'll post a schematic in the next day or so when I tweak the redstone circuitry a bit more.

Additional Notes

You can visit it by going to the NARI portal hub portal at spawn. Then go through the tree-like portal named "The Hanging Gardens"

Link to my blog with a few more pictures. Click Here

Enjoy :)
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by bohtauri 07/27/2011 4:52:18 amJul 27th, 2011

Added Schematic for Hanging Gardens, Redstone clock sometimes freezes but just use the reboot buttons to reactivate piston-powered water feature

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12/04/2016 12:32 am
Level 42 : Master Toast
Bread_Mann's Avatar
01/07/2012 11:34 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Hal__the__computer's Avatar
Freaking epic, I used to think that the fact I could make a simple 5-clock in survival and hook it up to an auto farm was pretty cool, my opinion of myself just died seeing this, and I wasted the next few hours of my life reading up on redstone :)
07/26/2011 9:24 am
Level 24 : Expert Explorer
Pownage's Avatar
wow thats cool
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