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The Hunger Games - An intense PVP map.


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Level 11 : Journeyman Dolphin
Please read the rules, to make the pvp its best.
Play this map on a server, you cant play it alone.
Play the song 'TTL - Deep Shadows' while playing this with your friends, to make it more epic :)
(Its the trailer song)

The Hunger Games PVP map.
You are selected as tribute from one of the districts, and you will spawn at the arena.
You are going to fight with your friends, and 1 (or 2, you can make your own rules) is the winner
You will hear 3 noteblocks, and after that you will hear a huge TNT explosion, when you hear the explosion,
then The Hunger Games has started.
When The Hunger Games has started, you have 2 options, run to the chests as fast as you can, and take the weapon you like, kill everybody you will see, or option 2: Run as fast as you can into the forest, you dont have any weapons, but you are much safer.

This map is on a island, its not that big, but big enough for a intense pvp map. There are everywhere trees where you can climb in to, there are little shelters, and rocks to jump across the rivers.

In each chest there are tools and items to survive
- 16 Coal
1 Furnace
- 1 Fishing rod
- 1/2 different weapon
- 16 Torches
- 2 Cooked porkchop

- 1 Axe its for combat and woodcutting
- 1 sword for combat.

The Rules of The Hunger Games

STAY ON THE ISLAND, You may go to the other little island by jumping over the rocks.

- You may not destory dirt, grass, sand etc. you may only destroy 5 trees, no more.
- You may not take more then one chest, you may only loot one chest.
- When you die you may not get back in the arena again, you just wait.
- Ofcourse dont use any hacks, just play normal.
- You may not destroy the spawn, for the iron blocks.
- You may not destroy trees where somebody is hiding in.
- You may not destroy blocks, to get in trees.

- You may not use your furnace to reach places you cant reach.
- You may not use the chest to reach places you cant reach.

- Destroy the vines, this comes very handy for when you get chased by somebody wich uses melee, climb in a tree and destroy the vines, so he cant reach you.
- You may destroy the chest, so that you get all the items instantly.
- You may kill animals to get your foodbar up.
You may kill cows for their leather, thats the only armour you can wear.

How to make a server and use this as the map.
1. Go to
http://www.minecraft.net/download and download Minecraft_Server.exe
2. Open it
3. Its now generating a world, you will get the world files, open them.
4. The files are at the place where you downloaded the Minecraft_Server.exe
5. Drag The Hunger Games map in the server world file thingy
6. Start your server, and you are done.
7. If this wasnt helpfull, search on google on the drag a map in your server.

You may record this map while playing, you dont need to ask for it.

Credit:The Hunger Games
Progress: 100% Complete

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