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The Hunt - The Search For Gold (Survival PvP)

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Overview: THE HUNT
The Hunt is a survival games type gamemode with the aim to collect gold nuggets and gold ingots from chests around the map and by killing fellow players. The winner is the first person to craft a gold block and place it at the top of the pyramid in the middle of the map. The map is made up of four regions: Fire, Water, Desert and Forest with the pyramid in the center. (Each region contains the same amount of gold)

Map: by Tambilin and Team.
Plugin: by Tambilin.
Music: © 2011 Kevin MacLeod - Five Armies

Installation Instructions:
1.Unzip folder containing world and plugin.
2.Place world folder in your server folder.

Bukkit Server:
a) Install the TheHuntGameManager Plugin by placing into the plugins folder.
- Announcements of GOLD BLOCK pickups/drops.
- Disable placement/destroying of blocks except middle gold block.
- Block sleeping in beds.
- Give players invincibility for the first few minutes of the game using the /start countdown command.
- Controls spawn locations
b) Edit the bukkit.yml file. Set "spawn-radius: 1" (Enabled gold block placement at spawn) and set "spawn-limits:
monsters: 0". Set difficulty to 1 (Easy) in the server.properties file. (This allows hunger bar to deplete and mobs disabled in the bukkit.yml)

Vanilla Server:*
a) Give all players gamemode 2 (Adventure Mode) to disable block breaking/placement. (You will need to place a chest at finish position instead.)
b) Manually teleport players into correct spawning locations.
c) Set to peaceful/easy difficulty.

*Recommended to use bukkit for better gameplay.

Game Setup Instructions:
1. Place all competitors into the starting cells (Can have 2 players per cell for team pair gameplay).
2. Perform the /start command to start the 5 mins invincibility countdown.
3. Pull the start lever to set all competitors free.
4. OP/Server Operators MUST NOT play in the game as they bypass the plugins protections and notices.

DO NOT break/place any blocks other than gold block in the middle.
DO NOT use hacks to gain a unfair advantage.
TRY NOT to lose too many items (3.5 Gold Blocks worth total in world, losing more than 2.5 Gold Blocks will mean there is no winner)

You are welcome to record videos or make servers of this map. But if you do, please give credit to http://www.youtube.com/Tambilin and a link to this project in the description!
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09/18/2012 1:23 pm
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This looks really good
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