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Level 49 : Master Lego Builder

The Lighthouse

Hi Everyone!

Here is a small wee build I've nabbed from my Hardcore world for you to have for free!


I found a ground level skeleton spawner on the South end of my Mooshroom Island and made it into a fall damage grinder.

A memeber of the Kimmunity suggested we hide the "pooper-shooter" inside a Lighthouse! So we have ^-^

And not one to shy away from a build project, I decided to tack on a little Grounds keepers house!

Seed: kiwicraft - Coords: 600 70 4500


This Lighthouse was built live over on my Minecraft Twitch channel, this is a journey that depends on chat integration so feel free to come on by and say hi, I would love to see you there!

The beautiful texture pack you see was made by the insanely talented Drathmorgh


Please feel free to use this build for whatever you like, but if you do - please give it a HEART and a DIAMOND to say thanks!!


As always, please give appropriate credit if you wish to use this publicly

Be kind and pay it forward - Kia Ora, whanau!

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