The Minecraft Redstone Creations Map

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avatar AdamaxEP
Level 31 : Artisan Loremaster
Hello there! Welcome to my latest map! Here I have made 10 redstone devices for you to explore and possible use in your own world. These devices come from a 3 part mini series called "Minecraft Redstone Creations", from my YT channel AdamaxEP.

Current map is made for Minecraft 1.16.3

I have enabled cheats on this map so you can change some text in a command block. That means command block outputs will show up in chat (like when the intro title is shown). If you'd like to hide these commands in chat simply go to...
Options > Chat Settings > Chat: Shown (click this until it says Chat: Hidden)... then hit "Done".

Device Description:

1. Beacon Color Selector - Allows one change the beam color to 7 other colors
2. 2 Way Counter - Uses a 7 segment display to count up from 1 to 10 or down from 10 to 1
3. The Light Wave - Uses armor stands to trigger a beam effect via interaction with an end portal block.
4. Cubic Storage - Manipulates blocks into a 10x10x10 cube, in a way it's a basic 3D printer.
5. Firework Displayer - Sets off fireworks via a control panel, offers 3 different settings.
6. TNT Timer - Uses a hopper based counter to set off TNT at desired time interval.
7. Automatic Piston Door - Toggles open or closed based on pressure plate input
8. Item Sorter - Uses comparator/hopper logic to detect and filter out items moving through a row of hoppers.
9. Auto Smelter - Smelts items with the help of item detectors and hopper clocks, no buttons or levers necessary.
10. 4 bit Adder - Uses a my unique full-adder array to add two 4 bit binary values into one 5 bit output
Progress100% complete

11/24/2020 7:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hey Adam wanna work together on a minecraft animation? Add me on discord, JustMe#7457

Custom terrain would be useful...
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