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The Redstone Clock v2: AM/PM, set time, and game/real time modes!

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Leomelonseeds's Avatar Leomelonseeds
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Engineer
After many days of designing, programming, and debugging, I present to you.. the Redstone Clock v2!

-Modernized design versus redstone clock v1 (lamps, all new control panel, and eye-strain free display)
-AM/PM switch
-Set time, with fast and +1 switches for hour and minute values
-On/off switch
-Game-time (1 gametime minute = 0.83333... seconds) / real-time switch: use set time to sync clock with your world!
-Much, much smaller piston feed tape design (credit to mumbo jumbo), allowing to box the clock.

How to use:
-To turn on, flick on/off switch.
-To switch from real time to game time modes, flick the gametime/realtime switch anytime.
-To set your time, flick the set time switch (works in both on/off).
-+1 minute/hour simply adds 1 minute/hour to the clock
-Fast minute/hour++ adds 1 minute/hour per 0.8 seconds when switched on

link to redstone clock v1: www.planetminecraft.com/project/updated-redstone-clock-with-set-time-and-ampm/

Note: Please do not spam any levers (you can spam the buttons). If you do the clock might stop working.

Texture pack: Ocd 1.8 by FVdisco, and 1.12 ocd add-on by pixelhero

As always, of you enjoyed, please make sure to leave a diamond, favorite, or comment on suggestions!
CreditMumbo Jumbo, for the piston feed tape design
Progress100% complete

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YT Video now. : by Leomelonseeds 07/07/2018 11:33:05 pmJul 7th, 2018

New long overdue youtube video yay. Will add the easter egg mentioned in video later :)

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