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Redstone Clock v3 - Pistonless Mechanism, Syncs to Game Time

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Leomelonseeds avatar Leomelonseeds
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Another redstone clock. More modern, depressed, and pistonless this time. Also accurate to in-game time. For those of you who claim false advertising from the piston that is very clearly in the clock, only the mechanisms themselves are pistonless, the controls still use them.

Not as big and complex as v2 - there is no real time or 12h modes. If you want a redstone clock with real time, just check out my other redstone clock, which still works by the way :D

Why is pistonless so good? First of all, there's no noise. You won't be greeted with brain-aneurysm-inducing noises when you try to get near and check the time.

Also, it never breaks. You could spam the levers and buttons all you want, and the mechanism will be fine. The system could theoretically be accurate up to a 10th of a second, because it won't clog itself up like a piston feed tape mechanism would.

Even better, the mechanism theoretically allows for the selection of any number. I took advantage of this and implemented a reset button. With a click, the clock will set itself to 00:00 in around 5 seconds.

Using this, I created a circuit that would reset the clock at midnight. Unfortunately, due to inverted daylight sensors being useless pieces of garbage, I had to detect the start of night time, and create a hopper timer to midnight. This means that if you sleep, the auto-sync will not work. Obviously, the clock won't work either if the chunks its in aren't loaded.

What else? Well, the clock is exactly precise to in-game time cycling, meaning every 3 in-game minutes pass per 2.5 real life seconds. There are also buttons to manually add time, reset the clock, and toggle time syncing. That's about it. I really should have been studying for exams.

v2 clock:
v1 clock:

Various classic counter, timer, and comparator circuits were used during the creation of this clock. Hopefully I didn't steal anything important.

Please leave a diamond if you think my worth wasn't worth nothing. Or just leave a diamond anyways. I need clout.
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