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The Sculk Labs (Minecraft Horror Map)

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Bedrock Edition
TheBlockyGoat Studios's Avatar TheBlockyGoat Studios
Level 45 : Master Lemon
Welcome to Sculkified Co.!

In this adventure made up of 6 unique Chapters,explore the depths of this abandoned factory to uncover secrets and answers to understand the past of what was once the king of industry.Be careful though,because you will encounter many vengeful creatures:from the Guarding One to the Monster,from the Stalker to the Werden,everyone wants your flesh here,so you should make a run for it...

Chapters (Main Story):

The Map's Chapters are different parts of the adventure that contain Mobs,puzzles,Bosses,and they all make a single story together.For now,only the 3 first Chapters are out,but Chapter 4 might come out this Summer!

CHAPTER 1: A Quiet Place... (Released 11/12/2022)

As a well-known bandit named Jake,you finally escape from the prison and start searching for various items that could cost a fortune.After many hours of walking in the rain,your steps lead you to an abandoned structure in the middle of nowhere called "Sculkified Co.".This old laboratory was once making cosmetics products but closed many years ago for an unknown reason.Though,this place looks normal,so you decide to enter the abandoned Labs.Only one thing to know before playing the Map: YOU ARE NOT ALONE...

CHAPTER 2: When Darkness rises... (Released 05/02/2023)

After finally finding the Corrupted Sculk Shrieker and escaping the Guarding One,you get deeper in the Sculkified Co. facility.As you travel in the Labs,you'll find a well-known area:the Movie Theater.This area will offer you many puzzles to solve,with maybe an exit as a reward.However,solve them quickly,because the Stalker is near.It is alive.It is awake.IT IS HUNGRY...

CHAPTER 3: The Curse of Silence... (Released 23/04/23)

After the Elevator you entered in Chapter suddenly crashes,you remind yourself to get the Corrupted Sculk Shrieker and get out of the Labs.After a bit of exploring,you get deeper and deeper in the facility until you find something:a LOCKER.What is it for?Well,you should know how to use it because the Guarding One is furious.It knows where you are.The WARDEN RAMPAGE has begun...

CHAPTER 4: The Monster under the Bed... (Released 25/06/23)

As you finally got the Corrupted Sculk Shrieker in your hands,you head to the Sculk Labs' most popular location:the Amazing Lobby.With a series of tests,you must complete puzzles and get through the building's not-so-secure areas.However,you're in HIS territory,so be careful.Because when the Monster is coming,he might be the last thing you see...

CHAPTER 5: The Endless Rails... (Released 23/10/23)

With no other choice than to leave the Sculk Labs without the Corrupted Sculk Shrieker,you decide to explore the only place that you can currently go to: the Mine-Station.This section of the Labs was well-known for its lack of security,but also its GOLEMS,and that's why you have to be careful,because danger lurks in every corner and the prototype that rules this place KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE...

CHAPTER 6: Final Confrontations... (Released 23/10/23)

You did everything you could to get out,but now that you entered the Sculk Factory,there's no turning back.Here,you will only encounter the reality of your actions.But all those things you did,all those monsters you killed,will it finally pay off and let you get out?Well,now that the Eggs hatched,it's up to you to decide,because the Catalyst found you,and THE AMALGAM WILL EMERGE...

Game Modes (Additional Stories):

Game Modes are liek smaller Chapters that aren't linked with the main Map timeline.Accessed via the Lobby,they offer players a different Gameplay which doesn't necessarely contains Bosses.For now,only one Game Mode has been released.

Archives Mode (Released 21/05/23)

As an unknown urban explorer,you enter the Sculkified Co. Archives years after the laboratory closed.However,the exit door is locked,so you must listen to VHS Tapes to find a code to the exit.Be careful while listening to the Tapes,but most importantly, do not trust the Shadow...

Undead Arena Mode (Released 23/10/23)

Sculkified Co. didn't have a great reputation for its security,and many years after it closed,you return to the facility to test out their so-called training session:the Sculkified Arena.But be careful and use your Sculk Stabber properly,because if the Sculk Monsters escape,then it's game over for you...


All of the original Designs for most of the puzzles and the decor belong to the talented Squeeb,and this is my iteration of his creation.

Other links you might find interesting:

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"The Sculk Labs" latest Update Changelog

Terms of use:

You are absolutely free to create Gameplay videos of the Map,with just one condition:credit me!

Also,you can make Fan-made content before (Or after,but who does that?) the Map releases,however in addition to credting me you have to precise the content is Fan-made and cannot upload the project.

Thank you for collaborating,and have fun with "The Sculk Labs"!
CreditOriginal designs made by Squeeb!
Progress100% complete

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IMPORTANT UPDATE : by TheBlockyGoat Studios 03/26/2024 4:59:28 pmMar 26th


Comments on this Page have been turned Off due to recent inappropraite Imagery being shown by an User on one of TheBlockyGiat's Projects.Thank you for understanding. :|

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OffTheBook Studios
10/30/2023 2:29 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
OffTheBook Studios's Avatar
I don't get how you render your builds and mobs for trailers so well! It genuinely looks like you just slapped vanilla rtx normals on and installed replay mod. (that means it looks very good)
TheBlockyGoat Studios
10/30/2023 5:16 pm
Level 45 : Master Lemon
TheBlockyGoat Studios's Avatar
Thanks for the compliment!Also,if you're wondering how I make my Trailers,I first use the Amulet App to copy and paste the Areas I want to see in the Trailer into a Java World (You'll understand in a minute!)

Next,I open another App named Mine-Imator which allows me to make animations and renders.I then import the selected Area from the Java World (Because it only works with Java Worlds) and I can make the animation!

Amulet and Mine-Imator are both free,however Mine-Imator has a watermark when exporting the .mp4 Files,said watermark that can be removed via this link for free. (But you can donate if you want!)

And also,in case you want to import custom Models (Ex:the Grinner Gates' Mobs),you can use a Blockbench Plugin that exports a .mimodel File of the Mob,and there is a full tutorial in this video!

If you need anything,tell me,and I'll be happy to help! :D
08/29/2023 5:36 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Engineer
Ozeruch's Avatar
this is one of the best maps i ever played i will never look at a warden the same
12/26/2023 4:16 am
Level 36 : Artisan Modder
Sonicmarrion's Avatar
The Warden And The Guarding One is not The Same
TheBlockyGoat Studios
08/29/2023 11:14 am
Level 45 : Master Lemon
TheBlockyGoat Studios's Avatar
Thank you!
07/31/2023 3:52 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zaiken__'s Avatar
TheBlockyGoat Studios
08/01/2023 2:09 pm
Level 45 : Master Lemon
TheBlockyGoat Studios's Avatar
Sadly this Map does not support multiplayer.However a spin-off title fully made for multiplayer named "Operation Labs" is available,and you can download it if you want! :D
TheBlockyGoat Studios
07/12/2023 11:09 am
Level 45 : Master Lemon
TheBlockyGoat Studios's Avatar
04/23/2023 4:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Rohitgicoolcool's Avatar
I would really appreciate it if you would do a gameplay videoI don’t know how to complete it I ‘ve been trying
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