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The TARDIS - *NEW* Updated to 1.19!

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Welcome to The TARDIS

Hello sweeties XOXO; Welcome back to the world of Doctor Who. It's been a long time in the making but after 3+ years of work, here we are! This version of my TARDIS map is to be done in 100% VANILLA Minecraft. No mods needed, just good old fashioned resource packs. It is nice to no longer have to worry about mods that you're not sure when or if they will update to the latest versions.

Explore The TARDIS as you step into the shoes of The Doctor themselves! Go down long corridors, and find all the hidden Easter Eggs this map has to offer!

So Much to Explore!

Link to all TARDIS project photos!

I am currently in the process of working on 'Crash Landing'. This is the second series of updates that are to come for this map. While I was reviewing the update logs for my old TARDIS map, I found that I had named my updates as sorts of series. I fell back in love with that concept, and will be doing the same with this project as well. Down below you will find the series to come, so check in periodically to see what we're up to!

The series are as follows:
  • 'From Humble Beginnings' (Complete)
  • 'Crash Landing' (Current)
  • 'Follow the River' (Upcoming)
  • 'Daleks, Cybermen, and Angels, OH MY' (TBD)
  • 'Timelord's Guide to the Universe' (TBD)

Stay tuned as this project is ongoing. It may be a while, but this map will be added onto through the years, and eventually (soon) will have a public release. Here in the next few months, I plan on opening this up to a Private Server, and involving the community in the build. Please feel free to add rooms you'd like to see in the build in the comments down below.

As always, never goodbye, always see you later.

- Nox the Eternal
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Post Update! Minidate #2 : by XxNoxSurvivorzxX 07/07/2022 8:55:49 pmJul 7th, 2022

Hey there! Exciting news, we updated the project posting to include a link to ALL 55 in depth photos of the project so far! Many more to come and to be added to the link. Happy I could find a way to show the WHOLE project to you all at once!

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07/16/2022 3:05 am
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cant wait to play this when it comes out
07/05/2022 3:18 pm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
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I want to know, as we continue to update the TARDIS posting, and continue into our update series with adding photos, would you like to see new photos replace the old ones, or would you like for me to find a way to provide all the photos in one dump link? Let me know in the comments!

-Nox the Eternal
05/15/2022 4:13 pm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
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'From Humble Beginnings' has officially wrapped up and we are on Stage II of the map! I can't wait to add more into this and get it out into the public. This is a project of pure love and enjoyment for not just Doctor Who but Minecraft as well, and it has been such a joy just to get back onto the game and build like I used to. If you have any ideas for more to add to this map, feel free to comment and/or send me a private message with your ideas!

-Nox the Eternal
10/25/2021 11:35 pm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
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Hey everyone! Quick update away from the update logs so that I don’t get in trouble with the moderators of PMC. As this isn’t an actual update, I didn’t want to risk posting a full update log. We are running ahead of schedule and it seems we might be finished with ‘From Humble Beginnings’ by the end of November instead of after Christmas. All that is left to do in this series is the final Console Rooms. Beyond this there may be a few miscellaneous rooms needing work but those won’t be posted in update logs. Those will be left for you to explore in game. ‘Crash Landing’ is going to be a larger undertaking however.

On my old TARDIS map, I had the idea to add in areas outside the TARDIS besides just Totter’s Lane. I will be adding a few different locations featured in the show. Ranging from places on Gallifrey, to the museum in ‘Day of the Doctor’.

If you have any ideas as to what places you’d like to see added, please comment and let me know! I’d love to hear from you all and find out what you want to see.

As always, never goodbye, always see you later.

-Nox the Eternal
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