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The Ultimate Titanic - 2.3:1 - Full Interior - High Detail

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Welcome aboard!

I have created many Titanic's in Minecraft over the years, and this latest one is by far my best. I aimed to scale the ship up such that I could create a detailed model, while still being able to realistically walk around the decks. The end result is a 2.3:1 scale factor (this model is 2.3 times larger than the actual ship). It is in many ways similar to my previous design (linked below), with drastic improvements.

Previous design: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/251-titanic---full-interior---best-titanic-there-is/

Size matters. Creating a Titanic in Minecraft is not as easy as simply following a deckplan. Blocks are a cubic meter, and walls on the ship are not a meter thick. I resolved this by scaling the ship up 2.3:1. This additional space allows rooms to be larger, hallways to be wider, and everything to be more detailed. However, to keep the ship proportional, I have to make the ship taller too. Rather than have 5 high ceilings everywhere, I introduced a few blocks of "dead space" between the decks, where I run an immense amount of redstone wiring.

Everything is functional. The redstone between the decks adds more functionality to the ship. The switchboard room hosts 30 independent levers and 1 master power lever. These levers actually control lighting throughout the ship. Every cabin controls its own lighting, and every hallway and public room's lighting is controlled by the switchboard room. From the bridge, water tight doors can be opened and closed from a single lever. All this redstone must cause the ship to look horrible, right? Wrong! The redstone runs horizontally between decks and vertically through uptake casings. Aside from the cargo, boiler, and engine rooms, you will never even see it.

The ship is as detailed and accurate as I could make it. Using deckplans and photos of the actual ship, I placed every cabin, desk, and chair in its proper place. The scale factor means the ship can be comfortably explored, and the scale factor allows ever-more details to be placed.

Images, limited to 20, can only provide a glimpse of what lies inside the vessel. A real exploration of the lost ship is in order. And now, you can do just this.

Server IP: s.flaremc.me
/warp titanic
My name in MC is "Unit745". Hope to see you on board!

Total build time: 536 working hours.

Deckplans used: https://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-deckplans/boat-deck.html

WARNING: The ship is very large and makes use of thousands of item frame entities. A dedicated GPU is required to not lag horribly.

The ship was built using the default texture pack, with moody lighting.

There is not and probably will not be a download link for this ship. To view it, simply come on the server.

IMPORTANT: Please be courteous to me and others - please close doors as you explore. I spend hours closing them, and the ship looks best with doors closed.
Progress100% complete

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