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VC Fleet Project [5.0% Complete]

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valkyrienyanko's Avatar valkyrienyanko
Level 47 : Master Lad
Vanucraft Ship Fleet

Suggested Names

I need a new name for this ship for it dosent even have one yet! Here is a list of names people have came up with below.. You can vote for the name in the comments below. The one with the most votes is going to be the name. You may also suggest new names! As far as suffixs/prefixs go I could add the following possibilities; battleship, battlecruiser, mothership, flagship, spaceship and science vessel.

1. The Miranda
2. Goliath
3. The Destroyer
4. Star Conquerer


Lieutenant Valk's Log A56 - The Battle for Station XL71 was an epic sight. Our commander just watched as the mass of his fleet went down into ruins. He could of went into battle, but he had another problem on his hands. He was said to be transporting heavily classified material across galaxy 45XIA. He knew it would be a dangerous mission but what he started had to be finished. For if something went wrong, the mission would end in chaos. He ordered his crew to turn around to head towards a cargo ship to refuel on supplies and weponary.


I've been inspired by mostly space sims and short cinematics that I found around the web. More specifically inspired by the games Minecraft, Starcraft II, Terraria, Starmade, Supreme Commander 1, Dead Space and Planetside 2. Not to mention the sci-fi movies I've watched.


I have been inactive for a while but now I am back, but just to keep you updated I will show you my status.
My current status: Active


Completion: 5.0%
Clay Blocks: 800k+
Blocks (including air blocks): 60m+
Helpers: None

How to Help

Easy Method

1. Comment below with IGN and a short paragraph (6+ sentences) on why your so happy to help!
2. I will inform you if you were accepeted or denied.

Common Method

1. Head over to http://vanucraft-cat-edition.enjin.com/
2. Navigate to the Staff Recruitment Section
3. Make a new post using the staff builder application.
4. Be sure to say you want to help with "The Ship"

The Server

If you want to help please review the "How to Help" section!
The project is being built on
The main server is at vanucraft.zapto.org
Server Status: OFFLINE

The Team | Roles

Team Helper Status: Not Active

XvalkyrieNyankoX - Leader
InfernoMinecraft - Builder (0.001%)
XaolxheadshotzX - Builder (0.001%)
RetroBladerX - Builder (0.05%)
Rocket_Jumper - Builder (0.0001%)
fluffyrunner1024 - Donator (0.05%)


[5.0% Complete]
Coming soon...

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[X] 25 Diamonds Is a cat not enough? Do you want a kitten? No? How about a walrus. Because they are all the same to me :3
[o] 100 Diamonds
[o] 250 Diamonds
[o] 500 Diamonds
[o] 1000 Diamonds
[o] 2500 Diamonds
[o] 5000 Diamonds
[o] 7500 Diamonds
[o] 10,000 Diamonds
Progress5% complete

13 Update Logs

Update #13 : by valkyrienyanko 08/07/2016 4:25:43 pmAug 7th, 2016

Hi Guys, I'm back! I have re-downloaded this world and I am going to continue to work on it with no motivation from everyone! Amazing right?! Well.. I'm back to working on this project and all help is appreciated.

+ Fixed a super huge lag problem below both ships (all water was 'still_water' and had to be redone into 'plain_water')
+ Terra-formed the below water outskirts (planning on getting rid of water below ship and terra-forming it into an island)
+ Extruded right wing point on upper cargo ship
+ Redid some textures on the right wing on cargo skip
+ Touched up both ships in a minor way
+ Fixed some blocks glitching out far away from the ship

- Removed random staff builds below ship
- Fixed very old ship griefs

*Hosting this world on a server now at valky.ddns.net (almost 24-7)
*Uptime: 10:00 AM CDT - 10:00 PM CDT
*Downtime: 10:01 PM CDT - 9:59 AM CDT

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12/11/2016 9:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Grimlash's Avatar
I could be AFK for an hour or two, when I return, I will check to see if you replied.
01/19/2022 9:50 pm
Level 47 : Master Lad
valkyrienyanko's Avatar
Sorry about replying 6 years later :(
12/11/2016 9:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Grimlash's Avatar

I am new to planet Minecraft, But not minecraft. I have been playing minecraft for over 7 Years now or more, and I have never seen a project so large and tech. I love Sci-Fi and I would really like to help. I have been practicing my build tactics on futuristic architecture. I have won many build battles on both Hypixel and Mineplex, so yea. If there is anyone you could trust on a build like this, it is me. This project looks phenomenal. Also I am 16 years old. Btw DanielCraft02 is my username.
01/19/2022 9:50 pm
Level 47 : Master Lad
valkyrienyanko's Avatar
I don't know how I missed this reply, I'm so sorry lol. If I would have seen this I would have probably let you help me build it. 6 years geez lol, well if you see this, I'm working on making my own game called Raccoons Rise Up as I felt limited to what I could do in MC so I moved to Godot game engine. Sorry again for missing your replies lol rip
09/04/2015 6:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SerpentTech's Avatar
I think it should be named  Star Conquerer
08/22/2015 7:38 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Mijha's Avatar
Very nice.
07/06/2015 9:31 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
Consiring's Avatar
07/05/2015 7:13 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
Consiring's Avatar
Im helping too :) im admin
07/05/2015 5:17 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Caveman
KaligarPrime's Avatar
Looking great, will be waiting for the final.
07/05/2015 5:45 pm
Level 47 : Master Lad
valkyrienyanko's Avatar
It will never be done... it will only get bigger and longer and wider and taller and fatter and heavier and more detailed and epicer if that even is a word and bigger and.. well you get the idea.
Planet Minecraft


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