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Level 32 : Artisan Taco
this is a theme park that my friends and i worked on. at some point we got bored so we stoped working. i stil really like the park so i thought lest put in online.
you can do whatever you want in the park. make the roller coasters working. (they used the plugin traincarts to work)

upgrade the park, expand it, ride atractions, get inspration or just blow it up. just what you want to do. i would love to see some pictures or reactions what oter people did to the park.
you can also try the maze in the park with your friends and see who gets the fastes time.

you get automatic iron, diamonds and netherstars in the park. if you want to turn that off just dig under the park and find a lot of repeaters (there is a lot of other cool stuff under the park)
Progress30% complete

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