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Thorbington Palace

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Thorbanius's Avatar Thorbanius
Level 41 : Master Spelunker
A Palace. Complete with all the amenities I could think of... Ballroom, Banquet Hall, Swimming Pools, Cinema, Ice and Roller-skating rinks, Hot Tubs, Sauna etc etc. Also includes various secret rooms and passages as all good Palaces should! :-) Also comes with dwarf city in the lowest basements.

The Palace and grounds sit on an area of land roughly 250 blocks square, with the lowest gardens down at bedrock level and the flags on the tallest towers almost reaching the top of the map. This was all hand-built and dug without McEdit, and before creative mode, so the current build time of 6 months shouldn't be surprising!

Texture Pack: John Smith v8.1 with paintings from Jadoku RPG 2.2

UPDATE 22-Nov-2011: Completed!

I have now added a map save. Feel free to dowload it and explore. The zip file also includes a copy of the Texture Pack I use.

I advise using the BlueTelePads Bukkit plugin. There are teleport pads set up all over the place, and they really make moving about much easier :-)

Also, should you find the elevator in the secret laboratory, be warned that extreme latency and/or server restarts can cause the pistons to mess up :-( Toggling the elevator down then up should sort this problem.

Enjoy! :-)

Additional Notes

Credit to Mythallar, SorenGreve, Rhovani and Xenous1 for their help with digging, construction, and advice regarding redstone circuits. Thanks guys!
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Thorbanius 11/23/2011 10:27:34 amNov 23rd, 2011

Completed, and added world save for download.

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07/09/2018 9:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Mauiman's Avatar
I wound up getting lost, turned around and confused with some of it. But all in all it was a fun place to explore. The biggest golden rule of a house of this caliper is that it always must have what Cat from Casper said in the movie; "If you can't find me in an X Amount of days. Formulate a search party." And this place did that job very well.

I'm giving it love and a diamond.
10/14/2015 7:41 pm
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
JackP8414's Avatar
This is awesome! :D
07/30/2015 12:34 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Lad
crudolfd's Avatar
WOW I like the idea! Very unique build
07/02/2015 12:34 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
x_Asriel_Dreemurr_x's Avatar
Looks absolutely amazing! good work!
03/22/2015 9:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
quentin2001's Avatar
eh man keep it up wonderfull palace if you need help with anything ask me i will help btw srry for bd english i am fron the netherlands
04/04/2014 5:44 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
witherbossman228's Avatar
it says it cant find the world
01/19/2014 9:42 pm
Level 25 : Expert Ranger
1635321's Avatar
Can I use this in an adventure map. All credit will be given plus your name will be added to mc.chasekanipe.com?
10/27/2013 11:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
jamescounsell's Avatar
Epic-really good
12/16/2012 2:19 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Wizard
oakley09's Avatar
Wow thats really great! Diamond for you! :D
09/16/2012 5:24 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Explorer
Pigoshian's Avatar
This place is endless with rooms and underground cities. xD
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