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TnT Run Map! 1.8.9

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UhnSharkoon avatar UhnSharkoon
Level 27 : Expert Architect
Minecraft TnT Run Map!

Hello everybody, this is a tnt run map for free. You can use this map for your server.
If you can't find the TnT Run Arena, you can find the coördinates below. I hope you
enjoy the map and leave a command with new ideas which i can build.

X: -17
Y: 3
Z: 3

Map build by:

Map details
It's a glass sphere whit the bottum decorated with stonebricks, glowstone, cobblestone etc. 
At the top of the glass sphere there is an area where you can wait until the match starts.
The are 2 bottuns which you can press. One is for spectator mode and the other to join the
arena. If you press the start bottun, You will be send a message and you will tp to the middle
of the arena. Your gamemode will be set to survival, this can be changed to adventure. The
map is build on a flatland world where slimes are still spawning, you can set this to false in
multiplayer by edditing the server.properties or on singleplayer by setting mob-spawning to
Progress100% complete

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01/16/2019 11:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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ok game

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