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Tomorrowland Belgium 2018

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Level 34 : Artisan Architect
Hey everyone, been a little inactive on here but I have some really exciting news to share! The Tomorrowland Project that I have worked on with ZippyPlaysRPC is finally coming to you for free download! (Bear in mind that this is not the entire festival, we are still working on that including *saying it now* a Tomorrowland 2020 (almost 1:1) scale of how Tomorrowland 2020 would be with The Reflection of Love MainStage. Hopefully this is a little compensation for our inactivity and not posting #BSC2019 or Tomorrowland 2019. I got so much more builds coming that I want to share with you guys. There is also Tomorrowland Winter coming, working on a collaboration with a few builders and hopefully we can deliver some amazing content!

Where can you find us! On New Years Eve this year we will be hosting our annual Basscraft Music Festival (11th Edition) with some fantastic producers, and live acts. You can find more details here http://basscraft.live/ or go to play.apeironmc.com (its 1.16.x) to view the server!

Thank you for all the diamonds, support & more. <3


(I do have some rules however, I would like people to read)

  • Do not Steal / Modify / Plagiarize this build. I have seen people try to claim my builds that we work for 9-12 months on as their own and it really sickens me. Which is also why you see Basscraft Ads all over my maps now... If you are allowed to create derivative works*, and have received permission from myself, Can I please ask that you credit myself and provide proof of this permission.... Do not rip it please.
  • You may use this map in YouTube videos, and host your own events in. Again, just have the decency to paste in the link to this submission. And also share your video with me so I can see what you guys are doing.
  • Hate saying this but feel this needs to be said. This is a 1:1 replica of Tomorrowland's MainStage. That being said, I do not own the copyrights and stuff. If you have an issue with this build, you may message me and I will discuss terms with you. Thank You.
  • Last but not least, part of this build was based off MegaProject's Tomorrowland Landscaping Template. There was quite a bit of terraforming involved among other elements. The creator was informed of this build and is aware of its existence. All stages & the north side of the Boom Park has been fully re-terraformed and designed by us.
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Nice Bro
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Sick maaaan
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