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Tower Defense: Siege [ALPHA]

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Bedrock Edition
Floralane avatar Floralane
Level 24 : Expert Artist

Tower Defense: Siege by Floralane
Please do not steal, alter or repost my work, or use in any other unauthorized way that does not include personal use.

You must defend the tower against enemy hordes by choosing a class, equipping the right gear, upgrading abilities and heading out to battle. The goal is to clear enemy waves and obstruct the enemy from entering the tower. If the enemy manages to enter the tower, the heart of the tower will start to lose health. You lose when the health is completely depleted.

Explore the colourful map and collect power ups for special abilities along the way. Upgrade your ability to improve your gameplay. Play with friends to get the full experience of a team battle and in turn gain a variety of different skills on your team.


+ 10 free skins

+ 1 custom map
+ sound effects & particles
+ sky parkour course
+ multiplayer friendly

This is still a work in progress, meaning gameplay may not be complete, especially in the early versions. Make sure to keep checking for new updates with an improved version of the map!

Progress55% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Floralane 09/23/2022 9:26:07 pmSep 23rd

⚠️ Make sure to update to this version of the map as a lot of changes have been made to improve gameplay. ⚠️


● Added Level 1 (Wave)
● Key required to open gates between levels
● Every kit now includes a diamond sword

Bug Fixes:
● Removed Gates 3 & 4 (1 gate for every level)
● Removed emerald drops
● Armor stands are now killed when the game is reset
● Fixed issue with players not receiving gear / getting default gear
● Fixed issue where the “Wave 1” bar was still appearing when there was no enemy left
● Other minor fixes/changes

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08/18/2022 10:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
P4S95 avatar
08/16/2022 9:37 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Warrior
LogMaiden avatar
This is a pretty cool idea!
08/16/2022 9:57 am
Level 24 : Expert Artist
Floralane avatar
Thank you! :)
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