Trouble In Minecraft Town

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Level 8 : Apprentice Ranger
Hey guys, F1r3w0rks and I have been working on this map for a while, and it is finally ago!

Note that this map won't work well with an odd number of players, sorry!!

  • Automatic Redstone
  • Map doesn't have to be reset after each match
  • For 1.4+
  • Fun spawn
  • Works with up to 40 players!
  • Testing rooms
  • Amazing fun!
Please tell me politely if there is a problem!

Since F1r3w0rk's and My cpus don't have a good enough performance for recording, we are making an offer to anyone who can make us a video for this map!
In return, the trailer maker will receive credit and get their name/nickname on this page.

Things to note:

  1. You need to manually select the number of players that are playing (by typing it in a command block)
  2. You may not copy this map and say that it is your own. (ask us for permission before you do so)
  3. You are free to record, just give us credit by putting a link to these pages. http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/moonraker_/ http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/f1r3w0rks/
  4. You absolutely MUST have fun playing this
Yes, this map was inspired by the mod "Trouble in Terrorist Town".

If you would give us a diamond, we would be eternally grateful! :D


Additional Notes

Progress: 100% Complete
Credit:F1r3w0rks, Moonraker_

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