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Universal Studios Florida (1990s Recreation)

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Relive the past as NostalgiaParks proudly presents Universal Studios Florida from the 1990s. Located in Florida, Universal Studios allowed it's guests to see the stars and ride the movies today all while proving a one of a kind experience like no other.

The NostalgiaParks server, offering realistic recreations of both vintage and present day Disney Parks and Resorts and Universal Studios, is now creating a detailed and accurate recreation of the 1990s Universal Studios Florida. From Jaws to the Earthquake, all park attractions and areas feature and use special effects, 3D models and synchronized audio to provide a fully functional and accurate recreation of this experience.

Ride The Movies! See The Stars! To find out more, visit our server page connected to the project!
CreditThe NostalgiaParks Team
Progress85% complete

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USF 1990s - NOW OPEN! : by NostalgiaParks 07/22/2020 8:08:51 pmJul 22nd, 2020

Universal Studios Florida 1990s is NOW OPEN! Classics like JAWS, Kongfrontation, E.T. Adventure, Earthquake and Twister are all finished and ready to give you a one of a kind experience you can't find anywhere else. See for yourself by using the following IP: play.nostalgiaparks.us.to and /warp USF to get started!

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02/17/2021 4:55 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3440278G's Avatar
So how do I join? im new to mc pc stuff
02/19/2021 4:31 pm
Level 27 : Expert Network
NostalgiaParks's Avatar
First you are going to want to launch the game like normal (make sure you are playing with the current version). When the menu pops up, hit the multiplayer option. From there click "Add a Server" where it says IP type in our IP: play.nostalgiaparks.us.to

If you should run into anymore issues while doing this, reach out to us on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/MAkawDw
07/23/2020 3:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ba18mu26's Avatar
good map
07/24/2020 1:51 am
Level 27 : Expert Network
NostalgiaParks's Avatar
Thank you very much!
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