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Up Survival Challenge

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avatar teamsolocrysm
Level 44 : Master Batman
Hi guys, sorry for the inactivity but whilst I am working on a slightly bigger project for you guys I have decided to build a survival map using the theme of the 'Up' movie! Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: You need to be running the latest minecraft snapshot for this to work!

About: This is a survival map based off of the animated Disney film 'up'. In this map there are limited resources which act as balloons in the build. Use these resources to complete challenges, make progress and generally survive.

Multiplayer: If you are playing LAN just make sure you set the gamemode to survival. If you are playing on a server make sure that command blocks and mob spawning are set to 'TRUE'

Videos: If you have made a video on this map and want your video shown in this section make sure to have the map linked in the description of your video and then just post a link to the video in the comments
Videos (Click to show)

Challenges (Click to show)
+Craft a banner
+Grow a stack of cacti
+Eat rotten flesh
+Make a carrot
+Enchant a pickaxe
+Make a mob spawner/farm
+Build a seperate house
+Make a wheat farm
+Make a potato farm
+Make a melon farm
+Make a pumpkin farm
+Craft a cake
+Throw an ender pearl
+Eat a whole cake
+Play a music disc
+Make an infinite water source
+Hatch a baby chicken out of an egg (not a spawn egg)
+Craft a redstone lamp
+Wear the creators head
+Craft a golden helmet and name it 'Crown'
+Brew a potion
+Kill the Ender Dragon
+Summon the wither

If you have any problems with the map or recommendations for it then just tell me in a comment on this post and I might add it in the future!
Progress100% complete

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Here is a video man :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjFs82e1gBw
Thanks man :D
it looks asome

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