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barrel_maker's Avatar barrel_maker
Level 58 : Grandmaster Architect
Although the name "Vanilla Castle" may appear somewhat nondescript or even uninspired, I actually chose it on purpose. One might even say it was my mission statement when I began the project. For this build is exactly what the name implies – a castle that is as beautifully and deliberately basic as Vanilla Minecraft.

What I wanted to accomplish with this build – what I have been wanting to accomplish forever – is essentially to design a "house to end all houses": All the features one could ever need or want in a survival base, wrapped into one simple, yet elaborate and imposing building. It had to be small enough to fit the scale of the game and to be attainable without hours and hours of grinding, yet large enough to be somewhat of a challenge in and of itself. Plus, it had to be ornate and grand enough to still feel satisfying and luxurious towards the end of a typical survival game, when being able to surround yourself with mementos of your adventures and achievements is just as important as having a reliable source of safety and supplies.

This castle checks all the boxes: First of all, it is 100 % mob-proof – no monsters can spawn inside or on top of the castle, and the wall that surrounds the courtyard is high enough to shield against any and all attacks from the outside. The workshop on the ground floor features a crafting table and every type of furnace available, as well as an anvil, a grindstone, a stonecutter, a brewing station and a lava-based waste disposal system. A stable for livestock as well as a horse is directly accessible from the inside and leads into an outdoor pen with a trough that doubles as an infinite water source. The crop farm inside the courtyard is equipped with enough light sources to produce around the clock. A cozy great hall with an open fire place serves as the enchantment room and opens to a plant exhibit (and de-facto seedbank) above. A skylight, a stately bedroom with a canopy bed, a storage room and two balconies with views to either side of the castle round out the top floor.

Please feel free to use my designs anywhere you want. However, please don't publicly pass them off as your own by using them in a video or re-uploading them to your profile without providing a link to the original project. Thank you.
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11/12/2023 10:35 pm
Level 22 : Expert Pig
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02/14/2023 7:24 pm
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