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VioletSun - Sustainable city contest

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Level 23 : Expert Cake

VioletSun - Sustainable city contest Minecraft Map

Earth 2127
Planet earth is over populated, causing overly crouded cities.
Global warming is more fatal then ever. species are going extinct.
While the the population rapidly growing, the supplies diminish, its war on resources.
Antibiotics barely work, while there are technological advances, most of the society can't afford them.

It all leads to economic crisis, the powerful control the masses.
The radical believe through violence causing terror attakcs around the globe.
Air is polluted at the cities, but sadly enough you can't find a place without a metropolis.

It's not too late
Violet Sun brings new hope for humanity
we give you the opportunity to achieve and dream big again.
a new rise is upon us
new era

∇ioletSun Corp's base is self sustainable, and above that, creates productes to the outside world.

♦The structure's electricity is being made mainly by the Core using SunCvx technology made by proffesor Modin, one of the
head proffesors living in the base.

♦During daylight, the core fires it's lasers up through the sky's atmosphere collecting the sun's UV energy, converting it into hyper effecient electricity, and while it does sound dangerous in theory, the electro magnetic radioation is safe for long periods of use without any real risk worthy consquenses.
The new chip DustX2 installed with the current SunCvx technology allows for a complete, danger free control while harvesting the sun's energy.

♦The structur'es secondary power source are the 10 large water turbines on each side, spinning slowely yet producing incredible energy to sustain the whole city even if the core fails.
Furthermore, at night, the turbines spin faster, due to stronger water release, making more energy for night time due to the fact that the core works only during the day time.

♦Using the technology PFR-0 , while being released over an year ago, it remains the fastest purifier to date.
The advanced water purifier which is located at the park, It drains unclean water from the ocean and within minutes gives you tasty clean water.

♦The people on the structure don't face hunger problems, the base provides easy food which is grown underwater.
"BioInc corp" is well known for it's success with farms, that's the reason that the "Violet Sun's" managers chose to work with them.
It's biological science is at such a high peak, that just one apple is genetically modified to fullfill all nutrient requirements, but it doesn't end with just a simple apple.
There are the animal farms which provide high quality food. while the workers can wonder freely, they work around the clock to maximize efficiency.

♦Technology has never been so advanced, most of the world's population have no idea such technology exists, even at year 2127.
Teleportation and anti gravitation is pretty common at "Violet Sun".
Furthermore, the telescope on the main building, is x3 times better than the other telescopes around the world, while the radar is ranked 2nd best around the globe, its small size compensate on the lower quality.

♦The place contains a library with books over thousands of years old, books of every science known to men.
Sadly enough the big library doesn't contain entertainment books, all it contains is history and loads of science.
On the other hand, the third floor of the main building so called "Chilling Layer", contains all kinds of books, ranging from comedy, action, drama to comics.
With that, There is a great coffee bar, very famous for its incredible sunsets, closing some of the most important deals there.
With a clear mind comes innovation.

Talking about clear mind, "Violet Sun" believes in freedom, therefore all workers can take a break whenever they feel like it.
Thats how all the best discoveries and technology improvments were made.

♦The location the structure was built on, has mostly clear skies, there are only few places like this on earth, and its one of them, since discovering new planets and civilizations was one of the main goals, its easier then ever, the telescope and the Space table are great examples of that.

"None of us can change our yesterdays
all of us can change our tomorrows"

"Colin Powell"

Like the project? I would appericiate a diamond.
Sub for new upcoming builds.
•Made by ProRules•
CreditMade by ProRules
Progress100% complete

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08/21/2016 4:49 pm
Level 24 : Expert Warrior
Brownwarriorcat232 avatar
Woah... This is amazing. Did you have some help or no or like HOW DID YOU MAKE THIS?!?!?!??!?!?
08/21/2016 5:55 pm
Level 23 : Expert Cake
ProRules avatar
Thanks man! I've built this solo.
Kinda sad that not many downloaded yet, I've detailed every single part of it.
Been building for a while And well sleepless weekend etc :D
08/21/2016 7:53 pm
Level 24 : Expert Warrior
Brownwarriorcat232 avatar
08/21/2016 10:21 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy avatar
Nicely worked out concept in the description. The farms looks like it could expend more in the hallway.

Best of luck fellow contestant!
08/21/2016 6:50 am
Level 45 : Master Toast
North Garms
North Garms avatar
Good luck fellow builder! :D
08/21/2016 7:32 am
Level 23 : Expert Cake
ProRules avatar
Thanks you too :P
I have some serious competitors.
08/20/2016 10:40 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Silverwolf_11 avatar
Love the look of this map. Could you upload it as a file other than .rar?
08/21/2016 2:32 am
Level 23 : Expert Cake
ProRules avatar
There is a folder inside the far.
If I would upload just the folder without compressing it would be 130 mb rather than 9mb. And thanks for the comment :p
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