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    Hi there, I play Minecraft from time to time. Most of the time when some nice contests pop-up, either PMC or some unofficial ones.

    My builds are often redstone-based or some kind of perspective to make things out-of-the-box, the grand builds are more from the past.

    PMC Stuff
    - Nov17 PMC "Mystery in the Mansion" contest judge
    - Interview on "The PMC Weekly May 8th" and separately published in this blog

    - Mini-game of own design
    - 100 subs
    - 200 subs
    - Resource pack (outdated including the follow up)
    - 4 year anniversary
    - ...

    Community challenge prizes

    Shared first place with two others (3 entries total)
    For the Christmas House Decoration contest, hosted by CaraRose

    First place in the "Meticulum, meticulum" a poem visualisation contest, hosted by Giancarlovan

    First place sign of Fantasymaster Ivain's community challenge, I was however the only one competing...

    Finished 6 of 9.

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      February 2, 2021, 12:29 pm to Public
      As chunky (rendering software) isn't working for me (as Minecraft 1.12 & older), due to some odd Java behaviour after my OS update some time ago. I am left without render software. Having a build without renders feels a bit shabby. Either way I went ahead and do some replacement testing:

      Shaders 1:
      Using the optifine installation I already had with SEUS
      ... Something went awry in the combination I guess....

      Shaders 2:
      ...*pulling jaw back up*... That one seems to work (BSL).

      Blender 1:
      ... why is my export program (jmc2obj) not working...???...
      ... *site hunting*, installation place of the jar is critical???... *let's try that*....
      ... *it works!*....
      ... *fires up blender*, installing MCprep addon *needs few tutorial video's to find his way in the interface*
      ... where is the toolbar??? *another tutorial video*
      ... load's world in & managed to prep it
      ... Where is the start render button???....
      ... Found it *presses it*
      ... goes quite fast, some noise but hey, it's render =)

      Do you think it is worth to invest more time in blender rendering, considering the results of shaders 2?

      images (scaled down) below from my latest build "The Bermuda Valley" (maze makers contest entry)
      AirshipsEverywhere replied to eagoy's comment below 2021-02-03 17:35:56
      I found that Mineways was more reliable than JMC2OBJ for me. I didn't realize you run Linux, so that might complicate things since I use Windows. I also like how I can set the relative scale for Mineways (1 block = x units) so I can export builds that won't take up too much room in Blender's workspace.

      Blender's internal engine is fine and a fair bit less complicated to work with than Cycles. Cycles is ridiculously versatile in terms of the things you can do with lighting, materials, and post-processing, but it has a really steep learning curve that I'm still slogging up. I normally use 2.79 so I can't speak for the most recent version of Blender's render engine, but I've been using Blender since 2.49 and the renderer quality has only gotten better with time.

      No problem! Hopefully Blender eventually starts to make sense for you. It's definitely nice to have the level of control it offers vs. Chunky and in-game screenshots.
      eagoy replied to AirshipsEverywhere's comment below 2021-02-03 11:00:39
      What is the main benefit of Mineways compared to jmc2obj? I do run linux, meaning I have to work wit WINE to run Mineways.

      I used indeed the cycles render engine, still the noise that turned up is quite lesser than chunky usually spits out in the same time. Gotta look at the other render engines.

      The animation looks pretty sleek.

      Thanks for the long comment =)
      AirshipsEverywhere said 2021-02-02 21:00:27
      Use Mineways instead of JMC2OBJ. I was having similar issues with JMC2OBJ and when I switched over to Mineways, it got a lot better. I use Blender for a lot of my spaceship renders now because there's so much more control than with Chunky, The noise you're getting in Blender is probably because you're using Cycles. It's just due to the rendering algorithm, since it's ray-tracing based. You can up the number of samples and use a denoising filter (there's several tutorials on Blender's official documentation about it), but that'll add time to the overall render. I can get pretty decent results with the default renderer, which is accessible by clicking the box at the top that says "Cycles Render."
      https://imgur.com/a/Z2qh8Kr These were all made with the internal renderer. I've gotten really good results from Cycles like this animation https://youtu.be/qVDSE8_neas but the extra time was questionably worth it.
      eagoy replied to Yobi_Wan's comment below 2021-02-02 15:28:12
      I figured, although it's quite daunting going in without prior experience. I do think I keep working on it. I especially like the rotating gif's you could make.

      Thanks for your opinion =)
      Yobi_Wan said 2021-02-02 14:39:28
      Yes, blender is worth learning. You need to figure out the lighting, which can be tricky. Maybe try one of the HDRI lighting presets and see how it looks. The default settings tend to wash it out, but you can adjust it and add harder lights to make it pop.
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      November 14, 2020, 2:48 pm to Public
      So I have done a test run on the PMC Papercraft Photography Competition, below the result:

      Which is a papercraft of my latest attempt on skinning

      So yeah:
      - it misses the helmet (should have checked the merge button, for easier making)
      - some second layer stuff which isn't incorporated at the papercraft. Looks quite bland now.
      - for the next run, more solid paper
      - the poster gum I had was dried-out...
    •  avatar
      October 19, 2020, 11:03 am to Public
      Eight years on PMC, yes 8 years has gone by already…
      that is 416 weeks or 2922 days.

      I certainly did not expect – or even thought about it – to be here lurking around on PMC. My own curiosity (redstone), the community (friendly people, of whom most have moved on) and the contests (PMC and unofficial ones) kept me around here.

      Pushed my own boundaries on redstone technology from some gates and sluices all the way to working 3d chess (without rules) to a working Game of the Goos (with Rules). Note these are quite old so I am not sure if those will work properly in newer Minecraft versions.

      Started to build slowly bigger and bigger builds. All to the point of a giant airship with air-bays, redstone stuff incorporated, full interiors and much more. I still consider this build as my number 1.

      Once I created a Japanese temple (Kinkaku-ji) within 5 days for a speedbuild contest back in ~2014 The funny thing is, I actually visited that temple ~3 years later in 2017 in real-life.

      These days, much smaller builds with some real-life or historical perspective is my choice of building.

      I did make two texture or resource-packs. But Minecraft 1.13 made me to give those up, which changed
      1: the save-file format
      2: all the bloody names of the textures… In hindsight the texture quality could be better (looking at the need to learn some proper hue-shifting).

      Joined quite some official PMC contests
      19 projects, of which 14 time finalist with a highest place of 4th
      3 blogging, of which 2 time finalist - even though my sometimes broken English as a non-native speaker - a highest place of 5th
      4 skins, making skins once every year or two is not really helpful to get better at it.

      From the above I have even been once a contest judge, quite odd to see in the (TV of the movie nights) your name color-coded in chat as ‘retired’.

      An odd side thing is, my PC has stayed roughly the same the past 8 years. Still the same CPU (i5-3570, introduced 2012) and more or less the GPU (from HD5770, introduced 2009, to a HD6770 which is just a re-brand from 2011 but a little bit faster). So yeah, I still run some ‘ancient’ technology as my main PC at home.

      And honestly, for fun, try to imagine where you were 8 years ago (how old or which grade were you for example?) and where you will be in 8 years (finally done with school, married or living on your own? for example)

      Thanks for reading my 8 year special wall post, enjoy your stay here on PMC.
      I’ll be lurking around here for a foresee-able future.
      jduartemiller replied to eagoy's comment below 2020-10-21 19:32:05
      Oh shoot, i got the creature builds mixed up lol. Well, that's what happens when you rely on memory.

      Specs on the build are:
      Intel i9 10900k
      Rtx 2080 Super (intend to upgrade to 3080 when bugs and supply get resolved)
      32gb of RAM (ability to upgrade up to 128gb if i want to)
      Asus tuf z490 motherboard
      And 1tb ssd, 2tb hdd

      It's a monster and i love it

      And no, i haven't really pursued my license. I've actually gotten a pretty good job as a designer where i essentially build 3d models and render all day. Happy as a clean doing it. It's sort of adjacent to architecture, but not direct enough to need or want the license
      eagoy replied to jduartemiller's comment below 2020-10-20 11:16:11
      Time sure flies. What kind of specs has this 'monstrous machine'? And possible new builds of yours? Let them come.

      Ah... yes, the turtle from the havens above contest. I remember indeed one giant turtle quite well in my memory, although that wasn't mine entry.
      The contest you hosted were sure nice ones to do, in terms of choice & background information you provided.

      PMC has for sure changed over the years, but it is in essence still the same welcoming community.

      ps. with all these years past, have you got your architect title in real-life? I do remember you needed some years of working experience before you could get that title?
      jduartemiller said 2020-10-19 19:54:19
      My goodness time flies, huh? Good to see you here. My ancient tech finally gave up on playing Minecraft and other things, and it did me well. I finally built a new monstrous machine and will be returning once fully up and running

      I remember that glorious entry. Your turtle was amazing (and i didn't even look it up to remember, that's how strong it stayed in my memory). It definitely deserved to be above my Sanctuary. And i remember those forum contests. The speed build was fun to host. Yours was beautiful

      For me, i was quite active here back in this days. But didn't discover PMC until 2013. Incredible community and crazy to see how much it's changed. I feel lost in it sometimes
    •  avatar
      March 31, 2018, 1:37 pm to Public
      New redstone base for my redstone cars.
      Below a picture with the old & new redstone base.

      Functionality wise the same, although v2 is faster and cleaner made.

      eagoy replied to Gheppio's comment below 2018-04-11 14:52:27
      That's the fun challenge you put yourself.
      Still I need to go further with these ones, but the current terra-forming contest gets my priority at the moment.
      Gheppio said 2018-04-11 13:08:41
      OMG it's so compact!
      Didn't think it was possible!
    •  avatar
      March 12, 2018, 3:06 pm to Public
      Have finished my nearly fully "functional" redstone car.
      On the background, my prototype parts

      Intended goals:
      - steering front wheels (more or less)
      - moving rims - to give a riding effect (front, sort of - rear, done)
      - engine to power moving rims (done)
      - "gear box" for going forward & reverse (done)
      - gas & break pedal (done)
      - front & rear light (front, done - rear, needs tuning)
      - lane change blinkers (front working - rear, no space for wiring yet...)
      - reverse light (needs tuning)

      Improvement tips, in terms of redstone (NO COMMAND BLOCKS PLEASE) & surrounding, atmosphere are welcome.

      eagoy replied to Gheppio's comment below 2018-03-13 14:02:11
      It sure is, in my opinion the hard wired redstone. Okay I can't do a thing with command-blocks but that's a minor thing.
      It seems you got me. Indeed, I plan to reuse the frame, parts with some little modifications to make several type of cars and colors.
      It will take some time, need to make a new prototype to create some space for missing wiring. Maybe simply few things. And then still make some scenery around.
      Gheppio said 2018-03-13 04:42:54
      This is really interesting...
      I think too that pure redstone circuits are more fascinating and challenging than command blocks.
      The cool thing of this idea is that you can use this frame to build different models of cars.
      Imagine a series of functional cars in different models and colors etc. :-D
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