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Vortex 1 Space Station

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Alex Hundenwald's Avatar Alex Hundenwald
Level 11 : Journeyman Fish
Welcome to Vortex 1! This is my entry for Project 2048: Chapter 1! I started working on this as soon as possible and finished everything 30 minutes before the deadline! Talk about last minute! But if that was the case, it's because I worked hard on trying to figure out what I wanted to build. I know I wanted a space station, but had no idea of the shape or size. Then I slowly built it, piece by piece, creating the rooms and connecting them with corridors. I also chose to have the time set to sunset, to create that big red hydrogenic color around the build, because I wanted it to be in a nebula. That nebula: The Rosette Nebula exists in real life and is also pretty red like a beetroot. Sorry!
If you didn't know, the color red is due to ionised hydrogen, the same thing happens with Oxygen, but it comes out blue. and Blue sunsets don't exist!

Back to Minecraft, I didn't want to just build the exterior and call it done. As Jesse said: "The point of the building competition isn't just to build something. We have to get noticed by the judges." so I wanted to make it a little more than a bunch of blocks. If you look at it, you'll see that there are flashes coming out of small poles, this is simply to have spacecraft pilots notice the station easier and not crash into it. Speaking of crash, you'll also see some holes with stones in them, this is just a simple effect to show that the station has been hit by small asteroids, because the nitwits who built it thought it was cool to do it next to an asteroid field! Great!

Thanks to the Minecraft map mechanic, I created the Medical Supply Crate, added it and used the carthography table to lock the map so I could destroy the pattern and still have the maps!
Another detail is the broken screen in the lowest level, using command block magic, I made it flicker on and off, to show the damage, and if you look outside next to it: asteroid!

I also want to talk about the scrapped features. because I started this project on my laptop, who is hapily refusing Java 8, I am stuck in the first snapshot for 1.12 on it, and the commands were different. So when I converted it to 1.14.4 to finish it, most of it broke and had to be fixed and most of it has been fixed because I suck at the new commands! so when you touched the forcefields in survival mode, you got shocked, even with particles and all! but thanks mojang for messing up the /execute command! speaking of forcefields, they were all made of glass panes, but the new version decided not to connect them to walls when placed using /fill, so small ones became full blocks. The versions also screwed up armorstands, as there used to be visible potions in the soda machine at Level 1. smae with the coffee machine at level 3.

Anyways, I want to point out that the only thing I used was WorldEdit, for the round things, the big portal, the terrain on top and the asteroids, and the rules say that it's allowed. no other program was used for any building, as I used the clone command for the center piece.

which reminds me: I forgot to tell you that the structure is supposed to feel like lego pieces put together, as this is supposed to be pre-made rooms that you assemble, like in current space stations. I tried to use the color cyan a lot because it's a human space station and we all know that most humans love the color blue, And that's a fact! So it feels human in design: blue, assembled, kinda sharp and white/gray. now that I think of it, it has a similar design to Grian's Big Base on the Hermitcraft server. heh, now I feel dumb! (That'll change me from being stressed because of your deadline, seriously, 3 weeks sometimes ain't enough!)

Anyways, I hope you have a great day and good luck to all other competitors, those who make awesome stuff and those who try to, regardless of your age, skill and ideas, I wish you all the best, and to you too, judge who is reading this and is about to do the same for 80 other builds!

May the force give you peace and prosperity! (I am going to die because I said this now.)

BTW deactivate clouds and minimum smooth lighting is recommended, kthxbye!
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09/09/2019 1:51 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Fish
Alex Hundenwald
Alex Hundenwald's Avatar
Of course I didn't win, but I was not expecting to. Guess I'll need to build faster next time
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