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Warp Speed - a space race

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Cream Cheese Nutheads

Warp Speed

A Spacey Racey game to play with your friends (or foes)!

Travel in dark caves, U.F.O's, Mazes and much, much more!

The game takes place in a small space mine colony on a planet far far away.

The biggest event is the big space race and you are one of thecompetitors!

The planet has lowgravitationso you are able to run and jump betterthanon Earth.
You need to be quick smart and overall great to win!

So who will win? Well don't ask us! Its up to you!

Play in creative

Don't break och place blocks

You may overpass a jump but try to stay on the track!

Read the signs

Have fun!

Commandblocks must be on if you play on a server!

If you record it on youtube please give us a hint so we can tune in for the video.
We are also happy for all feedback or a shout out for our youtube channels


Warp Speed is a low gravitation speedrun map that is self resetting and can be played over and over...

If you like this map, be a total boss hog and give us some feedback! You are soincrediblyimportantfor a mapssuccess! Without your help to spread the word we can't make maps like this! Please be a bosshog and show your support! Thank you!

Enjoy!/ Cream Cheese Nutheads!

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