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SoulOfShadows23 avatar SoulOfShadows23
Level 26 : Expert Nerd
This map is like a combination of a clicker game and a farming game.

You will need to farm multiple items to gain Cash and Development Points(DP).
DP can be converted into Cash for more uses.
There are custom Villager traders to give you an emerald that you can convert to Cash.
There are also upgrades you can buy.

Upgrades are:
Novice Villager - A second villager to trade with more items at a time, giving you more emeralds.
Advanced Villager - Another villager with higher demands with better costs.
Farm Expansion - (There is a wall blocking you from an area behind your house) This will unlock the area, removing that wall. Allowing you to gain access to:
- A larger farm area
- More Storage
- More Brewing Stands
- Larger Animal Pens
- And a Nether Portal

The items you can farm to give to the Villagers are:
White Wool
Raw and Cooked; Pork and Beef.

*You can farm carrots to feed your pigs.*

Note: You have access to a Barn House behind your home, inside you can find a Unbreakable Pickaxe and Hoe. It is located in the first small chest to the bottom right.



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07/23/2019 12:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SupportMain avatar
It's a really good farming map tho it could use some improvements i have acknowledged an exploit that you can still acess the trading villagers even if they are blocked simple way to fix it would be to move the ender chest out of the way to villager and add additional bedrock blockso it won't be longer posiblle to acess the villager by exploiting smaller click boxes of the ender chest(i know i am writing like a samrtass)
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