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[WIP] SpleeVP Custom Map

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avatar xFranciB_
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BEFORE READING: This is the english version of the post. If you want to see the italian one, check this link! https://www.minecraft-italia.it/forum/t-progetto-wip-spleevp-custom-map-nome-provvisorio

Hello everyone! My name's Francesco and today I would like to show you for the first time the custom map that I've been working on with my friend for the past couple of months.

This custom map (for now) is called SpleeVP, even if Spleef and PVP will be added later. We already started working on PVP and we have a lot of ideas, but for now we are focusing on the one player mode: Minigames.

We completely finished two games, and we would like to add another one, but we have no idea of which minigame to create!
(Yes, suggestions are accepted)


In minigames, you will be able to choose between Archer's quest (temporary name) and Parkour. (For now)

In Archer's quest, the objective is to hit 10 zombies with a bow, while on parkour the objective is to complete premade levels.
(MAYBE there will be a editor for parkour)

Archer's quest and parkour are already completed: they include a functioning timer and record system AND they are both translated in ITALIAN and in ENGLISH! (There's a single map for both languages. There's an option for changing them)

In minigames there's a mode called "Rush"


In Rush mode, the objective is to finish all minigames in the shortest time possible. The mode is unlocked when every other minigame has been completed.

Your time will be measured and the record will be separated from the minigames.

Also, keep in mind that we did NOT start working on Rush mode, because we need to finish every other minigame first.


Spleef has not been started yet, while PVP has some ideas going.

What was completed (for now) was a Team selector, but we have a lot of plans that need to be tested, and because of that we are not sure that they will work as intended.

PVP will have some premade maps, but there will be a stage editor, where you can save up to three personalized maps and you will be able to play with them!

You will also be able to choose a custom kit.
The player will put every item in a chest, and those items will be given to the player at the start of every fight. Similar to the stage editor, you will be able to save up to three kits.


We already revelaed a lot of the map's details (especially for the stage it's on right now) but we would like to show you some screenshots!

I will only be able to show you screenshots of the minigames because the rest is not ready yet.

We OF COURSE would love to hear suggestions from you guys, because the names we gave to the map and to its game modes are not really that good.

A link for the download will not be available for a few weeks, because we want to relase Alpha v4.0, and it's not yet ready.


Here you can find some screenshot of the map.
(These screenshots are from the version Alpha v0.1. The map wasn't even in english at this state of development, so you will only see screenshots in italian. We're sorry, but updated screenshots are coming very soon! Just please, be patient)



You can follow our Twitter page to be updated with the latest news about SpleeVP. (You could also see some screenshots :P)


Have a nice day, bye!
Progress10% complete

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