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The World of Keralis Creative Server.

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KeralisCreative avatar KeralisCreative
Level 74 : Legendary Network
Welcome to the official World of Keralis Creative server listing, the World of Keralis server was originally founded by Keralis over 10 years ago and has grown to hold thousands of members and is still counting, the server is most famously known for its fantastic realistic cities planned by the likes of Shiftmaster and many others. The server is made up of many different styles, including our main and most famous style Modern along with a wide range of traditional and a hint of fantasy!

The World of Keralis server is a fantastic and fun community, for all, wether you are just looking around or are here to stay anyone is welcome and we hope you enjoy your time. If you have any questions, a staff member will almost always be free to help and if not just let one no via a mail or Discord.

Visit the server at: hub.worldofkeralis.com - Use the server selector in your inventory or type the following

/server creative (1.18)
/server towny (1.19)

Or visit our website: www.keralis.net for updates in game contests and much more!

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We hope you enjoy our fantastic community as much as we do. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and feel free to diamond this post and visit us in game. - WoK Staff
CreditThanks to everyone who has built anything on the server! Diamonds and love for all of you!
Progress100% complete

9 Update Logs

Update #9 World of Keralis jumps into its 10 year anniversary! : by KeralisCreative 08/06/2022 12:39:29 pmAug 6th

We’ve been at this for a 10 yrs now and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful for your support. Thank you for following along with us and a super BIG THANK YOU to all our builders who make amazing epic builds that make WoK what it is today! Thank you to the staff who support our community and give time and knowledge to keep the server running. Thank you to the man himself who started this 10 years ago Keralis!
Many hugs and much love to all <3


Creative Server 1.18

Towny Server 1.19

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11/18/2022 5:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zendarg avatar
allow me to download please
08/19/2022 6:45 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Farmer
Alexis_Avens avatar
Keralis ! i was flying on your community map maybe 9 years ago !
Server is pioneer in the work of realism. That's nice ,the game has really taken on another dimension !
I feel old young :')
Thanks staff and all !
01/24/2021 2:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
psh539 avatar
hi, my question is what is the ip?
01/25/2021 10:37 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Network
KeralisCreative avatar
11/12/2020 11:38 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Theotmt avatar
"Booshes" is my most favorite word of yours, and I think I replaced my spelling of "bushes" with "booshes"
10/30/2020 10:49 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Pig
xenmods avatar
hi keralis, im a huge fan of yours...i cant afford minecraft so im using a different launcher...if you could make the server cracked for 1 day ill just check the server and go. PLEASEEEEEE!!???
04/11/2020 7:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Miroslav32 avatar
Can i ask one more question did server exists and i have one ip adress and i can join the server it says try restarting your game and the launcher but i did it and it doesn t work again can you explain why i can t join thank you anyway
04/13/2020 6:25 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Network
KeralisCreative avatar
Sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting. For quicker replies, please join our discord: discord.gg/wok

Try using version 1.15.2, and if you're still having problem please let me know.
04/10/2020 12:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Miroslav32 avatar
Can you send me a full link of download i just installed a map(largebiom) and there is only San Francisco.Can you send me a full map pls thank you anyway :)
04/11/2020 10:24 am
Level 74 : Legendary Network
KeralisCreative avatar

Unfortunately the maps are no longer available, however a kind user has some copies that may be of use?
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