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GeminiTay's Avatar GeminiTay
Level 48 : Master Dragonborn
Xennia a hybrid stag mermaid.

Born in the fantastic coral reefs, it is a legendary creature known for protecting the reefs and its inhabitants at all costs. It takes great pride in preserving nature, even allowing many creatures to grow and live around it. Generally, Xennia is a peaceful creature. However, if you threaten the sea creatures in anyway, you will soon find that there is more to it then meets the eye.

Building this hybrid was quite exciting for me! This is unlike anything I have ever built before and i am excited to share it. Honestly, I gained a lot of inspiration for this build from the Pokemon games. It is one of the first proper organics I have ever attempted, and it has been quite a learning curve. But with the help of a few friends I've been able to improve my voxel and world edit skills enough to get this build completed. Hope you like it :)

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