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ZETA Complex

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    SilverMC 1.14 Suvival | SMP
    Minecraft Server
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    Last updated 11/16/19
    Posted 05/19/2019
    by sirkomplete
    Game Version: Minecraft 1.14
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How to find on server: Near the spawn area.

avatar Yukiteru_Amano
Level 1 : New Network
This is a project im working on at the moment, it's my spawn area on the silver.serv.nu SMP server.

What is ZETA?
ZETA is my company on the before mentioned MC-server.
ZETA stands for "Zone of Entropy - Transdimensional Agency".

What style?
Futuristic-Alien-Agency Style

The Lore:
As the last echoes hauled through the caverns of the wasteland planet Zeronic Delta, it was no more. Exactly 13.13 seconds after the nuclear fission of the newly discovered chemical element "Pizzazium Infinionite" it was gone. The planet, annihilated out of existence. A process, so complex, no one could explain, not even the highly developed Aliens of Arkadia 3. An object which puts the "Division Sigil" of Unstable Matter to shame.
*Sound of Lasers* connecting to their uplinks, feeding the object with Matter.
*Computer noises*.
Suddenly a crack....
The reinforced window could not take the pressure.
The system brea #### Error message uplink disconnected ####

Research on "Pizzazium Infinionite" will be continued...

Many years after this incident, the executive of ZETA managed to find new traces of "Pizzazium Infinionite" embedded in the ground of the planet called "SilverMC 2"....
*radiotransmission sound* start colonization now *radiotransmission sound*
Progress20% complete

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11/08/2019 2:40 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
Looks epic ngl

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