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Wazzi avatar Wazzi
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
Hello, Guys. You're welcome to see and contemplate this construction, a Mega Yacht, which it's called Zeus. Why do it have this name? For the size, it's measures more than 300 meters lenght, that's only 30 o 40 meters less than a carrier of the United States if the scale in Minecraft were real.
In Minecraft, or at least in Planet Minecraft, i haven't seen a decent and perfect giant Yacht as it should be, so i decided to build one, and with giant yacht i mean those yachts what in real life measures more than 100 meters, like the Eclipse or the Azzam and also i've based on them to make my own one.
This massive ship, talking seriously took me 3 years to build it, but that doesn't means i've been all the time with it. Why is the reason of this long time? Like any other person, i'm always busy with other things.
Ok. Now, as for the ship, in the outside looks like any yacht of their class, white giant mansion sailing lost in the sea, equipped with chopper platforms, jacuzzis, jet ski silos, areas for sunbathe and on my Zeus i built a tyroline jump, an artificial beach and artificial sea if i can call it as well. The novelties comes on the inside, there're a lot of exotic and luxurious rooms and places like a disco, casino, cocktail, cinema, barber shop, pools, and many others. Also it includes 9 rooms for guests, 3 of them suites, and to these 9 rooms need to add 2 more what they are in reserve.

Before anything you need the Minecraft Version 1.12 to play this map and then for enjoy and see the entire Zeus change to viewer mode with the command "/gamemode 3" for move quickly.

Technical specifications and general characteristics

- Lenght: 304 meters
- Width: 59 meters
- Air height: 55 meters
- Draft: 19 meters
- Total height: 75 meters
- Amount of main material used: 23.384 blocks
- Decks: 10
- Maximium guests: 13 inlcuding the owner
- Number of rooms: 224
- Number of chopper platforms: 3

I'm building now a second yacht which is really a advanced version of the Zeus called Anubis, when i get it ready, i will upload it to Planet Minecraft too.

Only to tell you, download it, give Diamonds, share the map, show to your friends, comment and enjoy everything you can this incredible project.
Progress100% complete

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08/25/2019 6:26 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Sandelscold avatar
nice ship btw :)
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