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[1.10.2] HarryCraft

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avatar Chip_Bruh
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
[1.10.2] HarryCraft
Status Online! Pinged: 10/16/19
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft 1.10
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Welcome to HarryCraft,

At HarryCraft, I strive to provide the best server experience for any player. We have many plugins such as Multiverse to provide multiple worlds to suit all of your wants and needs!
Current worlds we have:

This world (Spawn world) is freebuild pure survival (with McMMo). We have the Factions plugin so you can work together with others, Feel free to travel to the end and the nether alone or with your friends, and dominate your land!

This world is pure survival Factions (with McMMo), Griefing, Raiding, Successive killing and more are all allowed. Feel free to release your inner beast and dominate your opponents! strategically hide your base and protect your precious items. Raid those that do not outwit you!
Here is survival of the fittest, A place where you can win the kingdom, or lose it all. its all down to you!

This world is freebuild Creative. Whether its a HUGE castle to show off your building skills, or simply a random build that your creative mind spewed out, Here is the best place for it! All players can use creative in this world, using the Gamemode sign at the Creative world spawn. Compete with your fellow community members for who can create the most amazing build. The sky is the limit!

This world is designated for Player Vs Player combat, a large range of PvP arenas are available, plus a monsterously large PvP arena for events! (Credit: http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/schematic/6877/)
Featuring a designated PvP shop where you can buy armour, weapons, enchants, and potions! collect your money and spend it on the best gear!
*World is open but still under construction*

We also have the McMMO plugin installed to add more goals and fun to the game. The statistics are shared through-out the worlds, enabling you to go to the PvP world or other, to boost your stats!

Currently i am building a Community world Shop, where all players may buy and sell items. This will be one of the main ways you can earn money, your money balance is available in all worlds.

Come join and be a part of our closely-knit community and join in the fun of a wonderful server where everyone respects each other's opinion.

I am Co-Owner / Head-Admin of another server, and i have owned my own small server before using hamachi, The reason i have created HarryCraft is because i just love to provide fun and entertainment for all people.

Server IP: HarryCraft.Nitrous.It

Current Numeric IP (if hostname is down):

A nice little village is developing close to spawn in our Community world, and I would love for you to be a part of it. Or you can go create your own life out in the woods. Don't forget to create a faction and protect your stuff by claiming the land with /f claim!

Griefing is not allowed in the community world. A full list of rules can be read on the rules board in the server. We have coreprotect so we can deal with the griefers accordingly.

I am thinking of installing the ChestShop plugin so that you may create your own shops!

Come join me on a survival adventure!
Creditluigiofthebakery - inspiration. Owner of the server i co-own / Head-Admin of.

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