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avatar oldfarmer
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Crafter
Status Online! Pinged: 05/26/20
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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web site :

visit - create - share your passion for architecture

Server is available in 1.14 IP:
You have a question ? join our

Amberstone is now arriving on her 5th birthday, a big thank you to all for your support during these long years !!


- We have different type of gameplay mainly creative (modern, traditional, fantasy, historic project...) but amberstone also have part with survival and rp with quest money ...

- Resource pack: We use our own resource pack with connected texture and more 500 3d model: Amberstone 3.0
On our website : Texture pack

- Ranks:
"Citoyen": Guest (Default Rank). You can go anywhere you want, use warps and build on Plot World, also have world edit..
"Citoyen+": Second Rank. Build on plotworld, deco, and freebuild world.

"Architecte": You can build everywhere and use World Edit.
"Guide": Rank Helper for beginer.
"Mayor": You are in charge of developing city or district (voxel, set warp)
"Supervisor": Charge help new builder or developing city.
"Moderateur": You can promote or demote a player, ban...
"Administrateur": Administrator.

- Worlds:
Main World: A 16000x16000 Custom World USA style.
Guardia: A 8000x8000 Custom World European style.
Fantasy: 8000x8000 Custom World for medieval and steampunk
Modern: 5000x5000 Custom World for only modern architecture
RoseWood: 5000x5000 Custom World for only Futuristic project
Corsair: Custom World for ship team (different period)
Moscow: World for Moscow project
"Deco": Solely for storage and testing purposes.
Plot world = free build area for all, plot size : 60x60
MasterPlot world = free build area for architect plot size : 300x300

- Contact:
We use discord :

follow us on Instagram :
follow us on twitter : [
contact by mail :

- Plugins:
World Edit - Voxel Sniper - Astools - Custom iframe-map - and all plugins needful for server like essential core protect ... ...

- cracked version ?
Not accept only prenium account !

Thanks! Thanks all staff and member to support this server

See you soon on the server and don't hesitate send us your question or suggestion!


- Nous avons différents types de jeux principalement créatif (moderne, traditionnel, fantastique, projet historique ...) mais amberstone à également une partie avec survie et rp (quêtes monnaie) ...

- Texture pack: Nous utilisons notre pack avec de nombreuses textures connectées et plus de 500 modèles 3d - amberstone 3.0
Sur notre website : Texture pack

- Grades:
Citoyen = par défaut vous pouvez visiter les mondes, utiliser les warp et construire sur le plot world World edit est maintenant disponible dès votre arrivée.
Citoyen+ = grade sur demande pour avoir accès à WE sur le plot world et ou accès a la carte deco
Architecte = vous pouvez construire partout et utiliser WorldEdit
Guide = Grade helper pour aider les nouveaux
Maire = Il gère sa ville ou son quartier même droit que architecte + l'édition des Warp et Voxel
Superviseur = personne en charge des l évolution des nouveaux joueurs et du developpement global des mondes

Modérateur = gestion des grades et du bon comportement des membres
Administrateur = toutes les commandes

- Mondes:
créatif = Monde principal 16000x16000 (carte customisée) style USA
Guardia = Monde Customisé 8000x8000 (carte customisée) Style Europeen
Fantaisie: Monde customisé 8000x8000 pour le médiéval et steampunk
Moderne: Monde customisé 5000x5000 exclusivement moderne
RoseWood: Monde customisé 5000x5000 Futuriste divers
Corsair: Monde dédié a la team bateau
Moscou: Monde pour le projet Moscou
Deco = stock et test
Plot world = zone construction libre, plot de 60x60
MasterPlot = zone construction libre, plot de 300x300

- Contact:
Nous discutons principalement discord :
suivez nous sur notre twitter :
Suivez nous sur instagram :


[​/url]- Plugins:
World Edit - Voxel Sniper - Astools - Custom iframe-map - et tout les plugins concernant le bon deroulement d'un serveur - essential core protect ... ...

- Version cracké ?
Non, uniquement les comptes prénium

Remercîment ! Merci à tout le staff et les membres pour le support envers le serveur

A très bientôt sur le serveur et n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer vos questions ou suggestions!


7 Update Logs

Update #7 Welcome Update : 11/01/2019 6:52:36 amNov 1st, 2019

Our creative server takes advantage of the transition to 1.14 to improve the welcome of new players.

Several modifications and additions have been made in this direction!

- A brand new Plotworld (1 plot 85*85 blocks) possibility to have up to 6
- Full World edit upon arrival
- A very clear help page containing all our orders and various Tutos

- As well as the opening of our Patreon to allow you to support us

Team Amberstone


Projects shared by members of this server

10/04/2019 11:05 pmhistory
Level 14 : Journeyman Network
Galactic Craft
I have a very important question. Why is the server post written in both English and German when the server itself ONLY speaks German? Is that supposed to allow people who can speak both German and English to have an easier time reading the post? That makes no sense to me, because if the server itself is ONLY German, why bother putting the server post in English too? Not like anybody who speaks English is going to join a German server JUST to speak English...
07/06/2018 6:34 am
Level 46 : Master Toast
can u add a translate plugin like this? i dont know german and ı dont understand
07/08/2018 4:31 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Crafter
Hello , good idea we add this feature to our next project thanks ;)
08/08/2017 7:35 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
I'm in jail, some1 can unjailed me? My nickname is liechtensteinn
10/26/2016 1:45 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
Best server!
09/18/2016 8:40 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Artist
Just Magnificent -ℜ-
09/19/2016 7:47 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Crafter
thanks a lot ^^
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