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Cherry Blossom SMP || 1.17.1 - 1.19 || Ranks || Towny || mcMMO || Economy || Graves || NO Pay-to-Win || Bedrock Crossplay

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ItsDronez avatar ItsDronez
Level 28 : Expert Robot
Cherry Blossom SMP || 1.17.1 - 1.19 || Ranks || Towny || mcMMO || Economy || Graves || NO Pay-to-Win || Bedrock Crossplay
Status Online! Pinged: 11/30/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.17.1
            Cherry Blossom SMP!
Ranks | mcMMO | Towny | Shops | Unique Items!
Connect With
🌸 Cherry Blossom 🌸 was created to give players a feeling of progression and accomplishment while offering a variety of plugins and commands that enhance the minecraft experience such as /warps, /sethome, /tpa, /rtp, chest/door locks, and /rest. We have constant updates and active staff! We want to be your "home" server where you can relax and enjoy a wonderful survival experience for both java and bedrock players!

Simple and effective spawn! You wont find a massive useless spawn city that contains a few rule signs.

JAVA IP: cherryblossom.apexmc.co
(If this IP doesn't work for some reason, use:

Connecting to Bedrock

Bedrock players can use the following commands:

/offhand - Swaps items from main-hand to off-hand like java
/advancements - See all of the java advancements for your account.

Game version: 1.17.1 (1.18 compatible)


Founded 8-01-21

CoreProtect Anti-Grief :
Can't afford a town yet? Don't worry! Griefing is not allowed, and if it happens we can roll it back!

Private Vault Plots:
Purchase a vault at /warp vault for a permanent bank! Comes with a teleport, TONS of storage, and an ender chest.

EULA friendly donation options. We only offer fun and cosmetics to support the server.

View the entire towny map and town borders!

Misc and QoL plugins:
Brewery plugin! Invisible item frames via /itf. Item pickup filter via /itemfilter.

Spend your hard earned in-game money to rank up and unlock new pets and permissions such as more locks, sethomes,
/back, /workbench, /anvil, /enderchest, /condense, /nick, /fly and more!

Grave system:
If you die your inventory and levels will be stored in a little gravestone for 1 hour and even tell you the coordinates in chat. In an emergency you can teleport to your grave for $500 with /graves.

Unique Custom Items and Crates/Keys:
Obtain various keys that open loot crates just by playing! These keys are ONLY obtained through gameplay and never sold in the donor shop. These crates reward you with gear unobtainable anywhere else!

Progress your character and level up just by playing to unlock powerful and useful abilities.

Server shop:
Sell items to the general store to make quick money.

Rank up to knight to be able to purchase and manage your own town.

Player shops:
Baron rank can buy their own display shops. Shop in the player market at /warp vault or set up a shop of your own!

Player economy:
Buy and sell items to other players with ease using the /auctionhouse or buy/sell from player shops in /warp vault!

Money from mobs:
Kill mobs, animals, and bosses to earn money.

Come give us a try! We have miscellaneous features for fun such as /sit, chairs, and invisible item frames. We always take suggestions!

42 Update Logs

Update #42 Halloween Event! : by ItsDronez 10/24/2022 7:34:28 pmOct 24th

It's spooky season again :bouncepumpkins:! Today Cherry Blossom's second Halloween event will start at 6pm CST! (about 2 hours from posting)

Event Plot Line:

Watch your feet, you don't want to forget your pumpkin shards! Jack Skeleton will know if you don't get them back to him! Don't want him to think you stole them, hm?

Head to /warp Halloween to explore a large spooky map full of creepy mobs, expansive labyrinths, and games. Slay monsters in this map to obtain pumpkin shards, a new currency to exchange with Jack Skeleton for loads of fun and unique Halloween items!
Don't worry too much about kill stealing as up to 4 people who do the most damage per mob have a chance to get pumpkin shard drops.

Huge thanks to all of the events team who helped put this event together: @lagstarr @jasjassy @🐱 (She/They) @3l1j4h @Ginataan @Wisp (They/Them) @PrincetDime @ItsDronez

All of the cosmetic rewards will be available as a Halloween bundle in the /buy shop, which contains all Halloween cosmetic rewards from
2021 and 2022, including the exclusive particle/style from last year's bundle. Donor shop: https://cherryblossom.tebex.io/

Other news:
-Conveyance has been reworked. New Conveyance bows from the dragon chest have gained power 6, infinity, and unbreaking 10, and you can manually toss
an enderpearl every 5 seconds. Old Conveyance bows will no longer work, but they can be traded to Murmur for the new bow.
-Resource has been reset.

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07/05/2022 3:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TojisHusband avatar
Hi uhh can i have the discord link so i can see any updates sorry if it sounds rude
07/05/2022 4:11 pm
Level 28 : Expert Robot
ItsDronez avatar
You can find our discord by clicking here! :)
04/20/2022 5:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Theblockydragon avatar
Does this have slime fun?
04/20/2022 9:02 pm
Level 28 : Expert Robot
ItsDronez avatar
We do not have slimefun as it is incredibly hard to balance, but we do have a unique combination of other plugins and custom items to grind for!
03/26/2022 12:06 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Girlactic avatar
I really like this server!
The plugins are great and everyone is very welcoming and helpful. I'm definitely going to be playing this server a lot in the future :D
12/11/2021 6:10 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Arctic_wolfYT_T avatar
Hiii I love so much
12/11/2021 8:03 pm
Level 28 : Expert Robot
ItsDronez avatar
Thank you! <3
12/11/2021 8:36 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Arctic_wolfYT_T avatar
How do you get in it though?
12/11/2021 10:55 pm
Level 28 : Expert Robot
ItsDronez avatar
Join through our IP: cherryblossom.apexmc.co
12/11/2021 11:42 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Arctic_wolfYT_T avatar
I did but did not work I’m sign in
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