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Fall of an Empire (RP, Spells, Races, Classes, Dungeons, Skills, Languages, Custom Items)

Fall of an Empire

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Level 27 : Expert Unicorn
Fall of an Empire (RP, Spells, Races, Classes, Dungeons, Skills, Languages, Custom Items)
Status Online! Pinged: 01/24/19
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13
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Fall of an Empire is a custom plugin developed Roleplay/RPG server that has been running since 2011

Website: www.fallofanempire.com
Geographical Location: UK
Slots: 100

IP Address: play.fallofanempire.com

For the latest new player guide please visit our wiki: http://fall-of-an-empire.wikia.com/wiki/Player_Guide

Completely custom code for most of our features including:

  • Racial Languages
  • Roleplay Tools
  • Skills
  • Hundreds of Spells & Abilities
  • Custom player statistic system
  • Alternate Advancement
  • 30 Levels
  • Quests
  • NPCs
  • Merchants
  • Items
  • Custom Spell and Item crafting
  • Dungeons
  • NPC Chat system and a rich lore storyline built over 6 years

Campaign 2: Qylia

Qylia is a vast continent that snakes across the far side of the planet that will one day be named Solinia.
It is a lost memory to the ancients and a legend to others. Due to it's size the continent has a variety of topical features from wind swept deserts to frigid icy plains. Qylia was once inhabited in the distant past by the forefathers to many of the future races of Solinia though few have the knowledge of such a distant past.

The area of Qylia that Fall of an Empire takes place is populated by a variety of races that all claim their progeny from the Dal and Kelderan, two of Solinia's most mythical races. The Keladun, a stocky dwarven like race finds its home in the mountains of the north, acting as a neutral intermediary between the three other civilised races, the Aerindal, Caerthian and Valderain.

The Valderain are a human like race that share their Kalderan ancestry with the Keladun. They prefer to inhabit the oceans and construct vast ships which bring strange and unusual trinkets, spices and curiosities from distant lands.

The Caerthian (Sun Elf) and Aerindal (Sky Elf) share an ancestry with the lost Dal. They have an extremely delicate rivalry that is often at times only a moment away from war. The Aerindal prefer the forests and high mountains of Qylia while the Caerthian inhabit the deserts exclusively

Some speak of another lizardlike race, known as the Ophidia, which inhabit the south eastern jungles of Qylia though few that have travelled to their lands speak highly of them, considered a backward barbaric tribal race that are threat to the delicate peace among the 4 major races

197 Update Logs

Update #197 : 01/19/2019 6:52:59 pmJan 19th

players can now cast items from the spell books
a command /castspellslot is available to cast from hotbar slots
town mobs are now forced on
fizzle now occurs before casting
you can now /claim claim all
fixed some misc text issues with utf8

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