Fall of an Empire (SoliniaRP|Vanilla|Bedwars|Creative)

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Fall of an Empire (SoliniaRP|Vanilla|Bedwars|Creative)
Status Online! Pinged: 07/15/20
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15
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Fall of an Empire is a network catering to true roleplayers

Our world is broken down into several subservers:

Solinia - Our Main Server

Vanilla - A lawless vanilla server (vanilla.fallofanempire.com)

Bedwars - Minigame

Creative - Plot creative server

Website: www.fallofanempire.com
Geographical Location: UK
Slots: 60

IP Address: play.fallofanempire.com


The true heart of this server is the character development, roleplay, and our community. We are a server of storytellers, who are passionate in expressing our ideas and art through the world we have quietly built together for more than a decade. A world with an expansive custom map, each area more breathtaking and exciting than the last. You will discover a rich storyline, with wildly differing societies and environments. Each area in our world is alive with its own people, dark and long forgotten dungeons and an exciting storyline enjoyable from good or evil perspectives. To reach the scale of content that you would expect in an RPG world we have designed our own custom systems which has allowed thousands of npcs, 48000 spells, 16 playable and unique professions and over 160000 items. This has allowed us to build roleplay tools straight into the system such as a full dnd style character sheet, learnable languages and dice based skillcheck systems and more! Despite the RPG gameplay, roleplay and community are why keep people coming back. With our servers long quiet history, we have not only built a community, we have built a family. We may be small, but you will always remember us and we are waiting with open arms for you to join us.

For the latest new player guide please visit our guide: https://www.fallofanempire.com/docs/guides/new-player-guide/

Completely custom code for most of our features including:

  • Racial Languages
  • Roleplay Tools
  • Skills
  • Hundreds of Spells & Abilities
  • Custom player statistic system
  • Alternate Advancement
  • 70 Levels
  • Quests
  • 16 classes
  • NPCs
  • Merchants
  • Items
  • Custom Spell and Item crafting
  • Dungeons
  • NPC Chat system and a rich lore storyline built over 6 years

242 Update Logs

Update #242 : 06/13/2020 6:01:55 pmJun 13th

Many fixes for illusions
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