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Incidia Cloud - Survival, Creative and more!

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avatar AnarchistDev
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Incidia Cloud - Survival, Creative and more!
Status Offline Pinged: 09/26/18
Game VersionMinecraft 1.11
Connect With
IP - play.incidia.net

Forums - incidia.net

Server Store - store.incidia.net

Creative now open!
Clan system and Cosmetics coming soon!

About our Network
The Incidia Cloud is an up and coming server network that will be featuring a multitude of gamemodes such as survival, creative, speedball and many more original gamemodes we have planned. We run our own dedicated server on high end hardware to ensure the best quality gaming experience for our players as possible, with little to no lag or latency. The end goal is to create a solid community based around a few servers, each covering a different aspect of the game and, most importantly, providing new and original servers that stray away from the common factions/creative/op servers that dominate the game today. We still have a long way to go, but join today and be a part of our developement!

Incidia Survival
Allow me to introduce Incidia Survival, a fresh and new survival experience we are currently developing which will feature many new and exciting features, such as clans, custom mobs and drops, catacombs, dungeons, a custom leveling system, and many more custom coded features to further enhance the game! We are happy to be home to a friendly and close community that rarely needs moderating, and full of people willing to help others at a moments notice. At the moment we have a relatively small playerbase and consist of only one active server on our network, but are working hard to bring new gamemodes to you as fast as possible!

Incidia Creative
Soon we will be launching our own creative plots server alongside our survival ones to allow players a slightly more diverse experience whilst we continue to work on survival and other future gamemodes. If you need a break from fighting off hordes of mobs in survival or wish to test out a new design for your base, there's no better place than staying on the network itself with /creative! Members will be given exclusive access to water, lava and other restricted blocks, as well as free world edit by voting daily for us on server lists!

Incidia Speedball
Once our player base has established we will branch out into a full network featuring custom gamemodes I will be developing, such as Speedball, a custom gamemode I have the core of coded and ready to go. Speedball is essentially paintball, but on a large scale open map with no teams or lobbies, just the constant chaos of open warefare! Featuring ranks, killstreaks, upgrade shops and more, it truly is a one of a kind gamemode that is yet to hit the masses of mainstream servers.

..and many more servers to come soon!

Server Rules
Failure to comply with these rules can result in either a permanent or temporary mute/ban. Please try your best to abide by the chat rules at all times, but griefing, hacking and advertising are a one way ticket to the banlist.

  • No hacked clients
  • No mods/3rd party programs
  • No transparent/xray texture packs
  • No spamming
  • No cussing
  • No advertising
  • No harassment
  • No exploiting, bugs, glitches, or loopholes.
  • Strictly no griefing of any kind
  • Strictly no raiding player bases
  • PvP is allowed
Refer to http://bit.ly/incidia for Membership info.

Staff Info
Refer to http://bit.ly/incidia-recruit for Staff info.

Ban and Mute Appeals
Refer to http://bit.ly/incidia for Ban and Mute Appeal info.

Store Info
The Premium Store is now out, offering a variety of ranks, perks and fun bonuses, ranging from £1 to £30! Our ranks include VIP, VIP+ and the grandest, MVP. Each rank inherits the rank prior to it plus some extra bonuses to give you a great value for money, without making the server pay to win! All ranks are lifetime and come with upgrades where you simply pay the difference, so you will not lose out if you choose to purchase a higher tier. For those who already have or are not interested in purchasing a rank, we have a unique crate system where you can unlock all sorts of rare treasures! All information is displayed on the store. Terms and Conditions apply.

Purchase ranks and crate keys at store.incidia.net

Supporting Us
If you are enjoying the server and wish to show your support, you can do so by voting on various server lists, wearing our banner in your signature, or a leaving a donation. Voting will reward you with 25xp Bottles, 3 Mooshroom eggs and one diamond per vote. To find the voting links, simply go ingame and type /vote and click the links presented. Premium features and ranks are now available to purchase on our store, alongside our fully custom coded crate system! To wear our banner simply set this code as your signature:
<a href="bit.ly/incidia"><img src="i.imgur.com/mZ9MwuG.gif" alt="" width="468" height="60"></a>


6 Update Logs

Update #6 : 04/11/2017 1:16:39 pmApr 11th, 2017

Ranking system has been implemented!

This was actually done a week or so ago but I got sidetracked and forgot to update it on here. To view the ranks, type /ranks, and to rankup, /rankup. Along with this is the new general interface, opened with /menu, and toggled PvP with /pvp.

2 replies

03/10/2017 1:27 pm
Level 1 : New Modder
Banned for "Fraudulent behavior"?
03/10/2017 4:07 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Appeal at bit.ly/incidia

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